XPUMP Premium – 3D Surround/Cover By Mohid

XPUMP Premium - 3D Surround
It's a no set up required to plug and play kind of device that you can take with you anywhere if you're interested in learning more about the improvised.

What’s going on, guys? we’re checking out the X. pump premium by X. round. This little guy is a super compelling straightforward all-in-one portable adapter that allows you to get an immersive 3 D. audio experience from nearly every device that produces a sound, basically hooking this adapter up to anything.


You already own your computer, your favorite pair of speakers or headphones, or even a gaming console or TV, and it’ll seamlessly transform sound produced from those devices and give you a completely different surround sound experience, best of all.


It’s a no set up required to plug and play kind of device that you can take with you anywhere if you’re interested in learning more about the improvised. All leave some links down below in the article description tax round website. If you want to pick one of these up for yourself, you have a coupon code for $20 off your order.


So you can save a little money to first things first. I want to show off the unboxing experience because the packaging here is really unique. When you slide the sleeve off the box, you get that audio waveform animation.


This is excellent, flipping open the inside box here, you can see that they have everything laid out labeled and diagrams. Hence, you know exactly what you’re working with. You’ve got the actual doctor down there at the bottom, and all, of course, go over all the ports and buttons here in just a second, and up top, there’s a separate diagram to show.


You the many ways the doctor could be plugged into various devices inside the box you get everything you need, including the Premium itself, an auxiliary cable USB cable, and the soft carrying bag to carry it all together.



Which is very handy. There’s a simple instructional booklet that helps with getting started, but all, of course, walk through everything here in this article as well, so this is the X. pump premium, and you can see right away that size-wise.


It’s not very big at all. It’s barely 3.5 inches in length, not much chunkier than like a USB stick. It’s got a premium look and feel, which I like. There are many different ports in input options on it for connecting up other devices, of course; the first most obvious one is the simple auxiliary out ports on either side of the dock.


After which you’ll use the pair of headphones, for example, on one side. The included auxiliary cable from the box plug into the device you’re listening from the other port is micro SP on the front there.



The better option as far the overall listening experience with this you’ll use the included USB cable to connect up to a PC laptop or gaming consul, for example, and then use the auxiliary out for the headphones, earbuds, or speakers. I’ll walk you through the whole setup process in just a second. There’s a couple of buttons and switches on the side to be a doctor. There is one switch-up function not only your power button.


But your selector for switching between headphone mode and speaker mode depending on what you have this device plugged into, there are dedicated volume controls on the side and the big significant button up front here.


This is where you enable the X. pump and switch between 2 different sound profiles, which I’ll talk about in just a minute. As I mentioned at the setup process straightforward. For example, if I wanted to use the X.


Pump on my MacBook, I plug the USB end into the computer and connect up the adapter then I’d use the auxiliary out port to connect up my favorite pair of headphones switch it into headphone mode powered on, of course, adjust the volume, and you’re good to go the only other step is enabling the surround sound profile on the adapter itself, and this is where all the magic happens there are technically 3 sound profiles with the X. pump a pastor mode which I guess really doesn’t count it’s just no effects whatsoever. It’s your regular audio streaming through there’s detail mode.


This is indicated with white light, allowing you to hear way more detail in the music movie game or else you’re listening to. There’s cinema mode, my personal favorite, and the orange light indicates this. This gives you a complete and immersive 3 D.


Surround sound listening experience, and it’s a little difficult to explain it. Still, the audio with the X. pump enabled is very, very obvious. You get a broader soundstage instruments voice. Sound effects are separated. Overall, it’s a way more engaging listening experience of what you might be used to if you want to get a better idea of just how different the listening experience.


Here are a few examples explain created that’ll get the point across. Let me say that the samples aren’t exaggerated or anything like that. This is really and truly what this adapter is capable of. C.


The expo can connect to the near device you can think of, including smartphones with a dedicated headphone Jack and ones require a dongle either through lightning or USB C. adapters don’t affect the device at all.


You can connect it to a gaming console either to the controller on an Xbox one or directly on the console itself, like the PS 4. You can even connect the expo to 2 pairs of external speakers.


This is really impressive, and this can transform even an inexpensive set up into something way nicer what’s impressive is the fact the expropriation is completely portable, so you can take it with you on the go, plug it in whenever you need it, and the last more than 7:00 hours on a single charge personally.


I was really impressed with just how much better of a listening experience I got from the experts. Not only did simple videos and familiar songs sound way different, but content that demands an excellent listening experience, particularly movies and games, they get the attention.


They deserve a device like this because you get to hear the little details that the developers wanted. The soundstages wide and broad, and everything is separated nicely that it’s hard for me now to listen to anything without this guy plugged in, so hopefully.


It doesn’t let me know your thoughts on the X. round expo premium in the comments below. and I’ll see you guys later.


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