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The Xiaomi Mi Band Review
I can see why it's a great little product sort of a stepping stone into the fitness tracking and smartwatch space. My band is pretty easy to use. It's very inexpensive and packs most of the basic features.

What’s going on, guys? and in this article, we are checking out the relatively new Xiaomi mi band three. If you’re looking for the T. L. D. R. conclusion, then here it is. This is the best fitness band.


You can buy for under 100 Bucks nowhere in the United States show me products, in general, do not get attention, especially in the fitness band and smartwatch space. You’ll see apple watches and a fair number of the various Fitbit products worldwide, though is how many bands have been some of the most popular fitness trackers for several years and after using the mi band 3 for the last few days.


I can see why it’s a great little product sort of a stepping stone into the fitness tracking and smartwatch space. My band is pretty easy to use. It’s very inexpensive and packs most of the basic features.


It would be best to have casual fitness monitoring and smartwatch functionality far from what all comes inside the box. You get the little mi band module and the silicon restaurant, which comes in different colors.


It’s a very durable, high-quality silicone band. Overall it’s soft like apple watch bands with a similar Lupin pin design, and it’s sturdy enough to be stretched and pulled.


Which you’ll need to do to pop the mi band out charge. The proprietary charging module is a little weird. Still, fortunately, you won’t have to use it much. The mi band 3 packs of 110000000 battery that yields 20 days of standby time and more than a week’s worth of use even under heavy usage setup is super simple.


It’s probably best to use my band with an android device, but iOS works perfectly well. I did have to go through quite a few software updates and change the language to English, but it was all ready to go in just a few minutes.


If you’ve used either of me bands before, right away, you’ll notice the Xiaomi offers a complete redesign here. The mi band 3 has a 3 quarter inch LED touch display with a resolution of 128 by 80, and tapping and swiping is how you interact with the band.


It’s a little finicky sometimes since the display is tiny, but 90 percent of the time, it’s a pretty smooth experience slipping through the different screens. You’ll see that you have quick access to the step counter along with the distance you walk.


Throughout the day, the band keeps track of approximately how many calories you’ve burned, and you can quickly see how much battery you have left. One of the most critical features of the mi band 3 is its heart rate monitor now right off the bat.


I will say that this isn’t going to be accurate other products, so you’ll still get an excellent instant reading, and you set up the mi band 3 to continually monitor. Your heart rate few hours or even every few minutes if you need to. There are many other valuable things on the mi band, a quick look at your local 3-day forecast.


There’s even a built-in stopwatch well, you can find the device you have connected to the watch. If you happen to miss places on the smartwatch side of things that you’ll get notifications from your phone push to the mi band the reports are read-only and are generally basic.


You’re able to set up which apps you want to see notifications from, including third-party apps like Snapchat and Instagram. Overall, everything works well, the screen’s size and orientation words will almost always get cut off to the following line.


So you’re super limited on how much is displayed on the screen. A different watch faces to choose from, but they say additional information regarding customization. All in all, there’s not much beyond that, and what you’ll see is basic on the rest of the mi band three is very comfortable.


It’s very slim and sleek and lightweight,  it looks like a fitness band, so you’ve got to be in that style. Still, I think to show me did an excellent job making the mi band 3 a little more visually appealing than the versions in direct sunlight, viewing the screen on the Mi band 3 is pretty good.


It’s usable and much better than how it looks with the mi band 2 for sure, far getting it wet, the mi band 3 has a 5 ATM rating, so you can splash it wash your hands with it, take in the shower, or even go swimming and the band will be excellent now the mi band on its own is an excellent product. Still, of course, the other half of this product here is the mi fit app.


This is where you’ll get to see all of your fitness data from the day and a week-long history when you launch the app. It does take seconds to sync up if it hasn’t already and from the main.


Screen here. You’re able to get a quick look at all the essential information to me band has collected. For example, you’ll get a breakdown of some of the instances in which. She walked a little quicker or a little longer to get a better understanding of your daily activity. The mi band 3 is a sleep tracker.


You’re able to get an idea of how you slept the previous night personally, I’m not too confident and how accurate the sleep data is, but I appreciate the fact it’s there and that the mi band can do it.


At least give me an estimate and idea for workouts. The mi band 3 is pretty good at tracking your calories burned, monitoring your heart rate, giving you a much more in-depth breakdown of your exercise activity.


However, you’re pretty limited in the kinds of exercises the mi band contract you can technically work out in general without explicitly choosing something. The mi band will still monitor everything, but you’ve only got an outdoor running treadmill, outdoor cycling, and walking to choose from the people looking for an all-encompassing end-up fitness tracker with GPS precision accuracy.


This isn’t it? You can go out and get a chest strap or Garmin or Fitbit product. Even let me man 3 is a super simple, very casual daily activity tracker with a bit of smartwatch functionality thrown in there, and seriously, for 30 Bucks, it is a great deal on all.


So hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. Let me know your thoughts on the mi band 3 in the comments below.  I’ll see you guys later.


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