The OnePlus 6 Review/Cover By Mohid

The OnePlus 6 Review
Who wants the absolute best possible display on a smartphone? This isn't quite it, but it's the best display for what it is. A majority of people aren't really going to notice that it

What’s going on, guys? so I’ve been using the 1 plus 6 for about the last week now, and I figure the best way I could review this phone is to answer some of the most popular questions you guys have asked about it.


The first big question is how’s the display now. The OnePlus 6 rocks an annelid panel, but it still retains that 1080 P. resolution for people.


Who wants the absolute best possible display on a smartphone? This isn’t quite it, but it’s the best display for what it is. A majority of people aren’t really going to notice that it doesn’t have the same resolution, say, a Samsung Galaxy S. 9.


But I would argue that it’s just bright with colors that look just good. It’s still an excellent viewing experience you’re watching videos browsing social media, playing games, or anything else.


It’s quite a bit bigger than what we saw on the 5 T. due in part thanks to a notch, but that’s just the way the smartphone world right now.


And I’m not gonna complain about it; I’m used to it, and 1 plus does a good job of making sure the knowledge doesn’t get in the way of the overall viewing experience. All in all, I don’t mind compromising for the 1080 P. display since it still looks awesome and if it means.


1 post can keep the price not 500 to $600 range. They should keep embracing it, which leads me to the next question is this phone worth the money? The short answer is yes, it’s no secret that OnePlus devices have gotten expensive.


But so has every other smartphone at the end of the day. At least here in the U. S. you can get a flagship phone with flagship specs for 8 or $900 or even more, or you can pick up this for less than 600 Bucks.


And you’re still getting a device that is good as or, in some cases, even better than the top flagship smartphones. If OnePlus wants to stay competitive, $600 is probably about expensive as it can go for many people. The brand isn’t quite in that budget range anymore, and 1 plus 6 is just a less expensive flagship in a way if you have the 1 plus 5 T.


Should you upgrade to the 6, probably not. If you’re on the tee cycle for 1 plus, you may well stick to it. You know you’re probably gonna get a 60 and a few months, and there aren’t that many changes or upgrades that. Make it worth the hassle or the extra money.


The OnePlus 6 really only has things over the 5 T. obviously a different build with that glass back, a little bigger display, updated processor, and better camera capabilities. However, beyond those points, the 5 T. is still an excellent device, so hang on to it for now and wait a bit. If you can, speaking of the cameras, how are they in general?


I don’t think the one plus 6 is the best of the best for pictures and video.


It’s probably like a top 7 device behind the usual players like the Google pixel, the S. 9, the iPhone 10, and some quality devices.


But you won’t be disappointed one posted necessarily change the camera hardware from the 5 to you. Still, they say that on the software side, you should see a noticeable difference.


Unfortunately, the front-facing camera still needs work, though they did send out an update for selfie portrait mode, which is cool, but if you like to see some pictures on the camera comparison.


I’ll leave a link on the screen, and you can make a judgment call for yourself. One of the most common questions I’ve seen asked is what is missing from this device. This is kind of a question that depends on you and your phone habits.


But I would say there are 3 features in particular that one plus probably needs to address the first is it no water resistance, no IP rating whatsoever; I think this is a must-add for one plus, and I’m surprised.


They haven’t done it next. They need to address the speaker. There’s only one, and it’s not that great. They really need to add a dual speaker setup or maybe do what LG did with the G. 7 thank you and go all out with the more unique single speaker design third, even the one plus one with a glass back. There’s no wireless charging.


I think you’ll get 50 percent of people who really want this added and 50 percent of people who don’t really care personally. I don’t need wireless charging on my phone, and I think one plus keeps leaving us out because they want people to embrace the – charger – charging still juices up the phone faster than basically another device.


And I think one plus wants to ensure that you appreciate what they did on the other end of the spectrum. Many people ask what makes this device stand out from the usual flagship phones. The most obvious thing is the build quality. The all-glass design well not functional. It makes his phone look and feels like a $1000 device. This one here is the mere black color.


I absolutely love it, and it honestly feels like a device that should cost more than what it does. The other major thing that stands out, which I think is what attracts most people to one plus, is the software.


You’re getting a silky smooth lightning-quick android experience nearly stock, but I think oxygen OS received mainly positive fanfare and aside from the Google Pixel.



You’re just not going to get a user experience like this from any other device, especially in the long term, that coincides with the last question: How is the performance in a single word? It’s flawless. The OnePlus 6 offers more specs than most people could even utilize I mentioned with the software, this device is unlike pretty much anything else. Overall you’re getting more bang for your buck regarding performance and specs than another smartphone on the market.


So hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. If you have any more questions about the OnePlus 6, let me know in the comments below. and I’ll see you guys later.


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