The iPhone X Unboxing And Review/Cover By Mohid

The iPhone X Unboxing And Review
I don't think it requires an introduction, but this device is apple's first significant overhaul of the iPhone in many years, and I think it's been long overdue.

What’s going on, guys? and this is it. This is the phone we’ve all been waiting for. This is, of course, the iPhone 10.


I don’t think it requires an introduction, but this device is apple’s first significant overhaul of the iPhone in many years, and I think it’s been long overdue.


I’m excited to see that edge-to-edge display. I’m interested in checking out how all the new gestures feel and if it’s something I could get used to, and of course, I’m ready to see if that notch is a big deal without wasting more time.


Let’s go ahead and boxes thing and see what that iPhone 10 hype is all about far the packaging does nothing too exciting here, although this is the most colorful iPhone box.


We’ve seen in a while, of course, to showcase that display will peel back the plastic wrap slide open the box and the first thing.


We’re greeted by Apple’s familiar design in California text printed on a bit of pocket that holds apple stickers from legal info a quick start guide to help you get set up underneath all that junk is the iPhone 10 itself.


I went ahead and got the 64-gigabyte silver, and yes, I know it makes sense to spend the extra 50 Bucks to get four times more storage, but I seriously only use up like 20 gigabytes on my phone.


So I didn’t need it far what else comes inside the box. There are no surprises here, nothing fancy you get the usually wired earpods with a flash of lightning to auxiliary adapter the small 5-watt charging brick.


And a lightning cable, so when I first picked up the phone, I immediately noticed how heavy it was. I’ll talk more about the build quality in a second.


But with all the glass and stainless steel, this is a hefty device set up for the first time. There are a few new options for information. The first is face ID. Of course, no home button and no more touch ID face ID is how you unlock the device, and honestly.


The setup process was rapid. You move your head around in a circle, and it scans your face twice, and that’s it. It’s straightforward, even with my camera and the way, I didn’t have issues.


The last setup screens walk you through some of the new gesture controls, showing you how to swipe up from the bottom to go home how to launch the app switcher where the control center is. It doesn’t show you everything, so you might.


Look up how to take a screenshot, for example, but give you an idea of the essential new controls. The iPhone 10 is the first iPhone with essentially a bezel-less design.


The 5.8-inch screen stretches from top to bottom corner to corner, and while a lot of people are going to debate that, not only my thoughts on it for my full review in a week or so because I do think it’s something.


I’ll get used to overtime. I will say that coming from using the larger 5.5 inches plus I. phones the last 3 years.


I like the form factor of this device. It’s still a little larger device, but it’s a lot more comfortable than using an iPhone 8 plus, and this is what apple probably should’ve done a long time ago.


But I’m happy they finally caught up with everyone else at the 0 Bucks. The price for the iPhone 10 is outrageous. It’s a lot of money for a smartphone no matter how you look at it, but this device’s all-glass and stainless steel design certainly makes.


You feel like you’re getting a nice premium expensive piece of hardware in your hand. I know that flashy stainless steel chrome finish along the edges isn’t everyone’s Cup of tea, but I like it. Yes, it’s going to get scratched and marked up.


But just like the stainless steel apple watch, scratches can easily be buffed out, so it’s not a deal. In my brief time setting up and using face ID, I have to say that it works but it doesn’t seem fast as touch ID.


And I don’t know that it’s convenient as Touch ID was again this is just from playing around with it for hours, but even though face ID does what it’s supposed to do, I’m still relatively skeptical about or not it’s inherently better.


And I’ll have to put it to the test over the next few days all of the gestures and swipes and things that the iPhone 10 that requires are taking some. Getting used to swiping to go home from the bottom makes sense even though.


I still press down on the screen from time to time if there was a button there and starting from the top corner to get the control center.


I think it is the most inconvenient new placement, given how much I have to shift my hand, but like anything else, I’m sure I’ll get used to it, and the notification center works with the center pulled down, so no real change there.


What I’ve had the most trouble with is launching the app switcher. You are having to swipe up and hold first.


I can until your phone vibrates, and even then, it still sometimes falls away and doesn’t initiate this for reason is taking me a lot of extra time to get right, but you can swipe from the bottom left-right to go back and forth between apps.


And I like this addition, and it’s probably something.


I’ll use it a lot over time. One last thing I immediately noticed is that while the screen is technically 5.8 inches, corner to corner the usable area of the screen in a lot of apps, particularly 3rd-party apps.


I know they haven’t been optimized yet,  even stock iOS apps. It’s just not the best use of space. I don’t mind how the keyboard is shifted up quite a bit from the bottom; I think that makes sense, but the home gesture area for some apps is negligible for others.


It’s giant, and the notch of top pushes some margins down on apps to and landscape on apps like safari mail notes and others require pillar boxing those side margins the mail app it’s noticeable.


I can see why it’s necessary, but I don’t know. It just feels like I’m not getting to take full advantage of the screen again.


I’ve only had the device for a few hours now. This was just my unboxing initial impressions, and I look forward to using this device for a while before I jump to conclusions.


I’m interested in seeing how the cameras hold up against the competition, especially the front-facing camera with portrait mode. Of course, all the great animo Jeez all make and send my friends, so hopefully, and you guys enjoy this article.


Let me know if you ended up getting an iPhone 10 and if you have thoughts or opinions on the device so far be sure to follow, and I’ll see you guys later.


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