The iPad Pro Review/Cover By Mohid

The iPad Pro Review
Let's take a look so. Apple's iPad Pro has been a device it's been rumored for quite a long time now. The idea is that it'll be a device significant than the current iPad err can offer screen real estate power and features.

What’s going on, guys? and in this article, I’ll be filling you in with everything you need to know about the upcoming iPad pro.


Let’s take a look so. Apple’s iPad Pro has been a device it’s been rumored for quite a long time now. The idea is that it’ll be a device significant than the current iPad err can offer screen real estate power and features.


He’s always been a whisper of an iPad pro, but up until now, we haven’t seen physical evidence or part leaks, but with weeks of some third-party cases that have started to be manufactured like the 1, I have in front of me.


The rumors of an iPad pro are seemingly becoming more and more of an objective 3rd party case have here is when I picked up from sunny Dixon’s website that gives us a lot of clues and insight on what we can expect from the upcoming iPad pro the first thing.


We’ll start with are the dimensions, this thing is enormous. It measures just about 14 inches diagonally 12 inches high, about 9 inches wide to put that into perspective. Here is what it looks like with an iPhone 6 resting on top of it, and here’s.


It looks like with an iPhone 6 plus, and you can see both of these devices are pretty much dwarfed by the iPad Pro. You can put an iPhone 6 and 6 plus end to end lengthwise and still have extra space to fill, unfortunately.


I don’t have an iPad Air or mini two compared with, but when the iPad Pro is stacked on top of a 15 inch MacBook pro, you can see just how giant it is that it is so large going to make it quite a handful to use.


It’s almost uncomfortable trying to stretch fingers around the screen and reach the home button. I feel like using this device with one, he’ll probably be very heavy and awkward to grasp, in general, I am a little skeptical on how practical this device will be taking a look around on the bottom of the case.


We have a center cut out for what will likely be the lightning port 2 other cutouts that will probably be for speakers.


This isn’t anything unusual until we get to the top of the device, where we see two more cutouts of the same size and style along with the headphone Jack and power button. Not having the 2 extra cutouts on top is a little weird.


But I’ll explain what might be for speakers in just a minute on the right side of the case, we have the usual placement of the volume rocker and small cut out for the sites which and on the back a small cutout for the camera which is expected to.


On the left side of the cases where things get interesting, we have appears to be the same size and style cut out for a lightning port. Now, this makes sense with the scope of this device stocking.


It sideways is undoubtedly a must, not the speaker cutouts on both the top and bottom of the iPad Pro, which flipside waste translates to both of them being on the left and right side the cutouts makes sense. The placement is pretty good.


So when you’re holding the iPad pro sideways, you aren’t covering up the speakers. One surprising thing is just how thin the iPad pro might be here it is compared with an iPhone 6 plus, and you can see the six-plus fits inside.


The iPad pro case snug so the case’s measurements are accurate. The iPad Pro may be thin an iPhone, which is concerning given the hope gauge and again.


But you have to figure Apple will update the materials and build a structure to handle the size given the increase in rumors and the fact 3rd-party case manufacturers have already begun manufacturing many different styles of cases over the exact dimensions and set up.


I think the iPad Pro is undoubtedly coming closer and closer to becoming a reality. I’m a little mixed on how practical or usable a device the size might be given the iOS field, but I think iOS 9 featuring things like true to window multi-tasking and picture-in-picture.


I think Apple utilizes a 12 or 13-inch screen on an iPad, so hopefully. and I’ll see you guys later.


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