The Huawei Fit Review Fitness Tracker/Cover By Mohid

The Huawei Fit Review Fitness Tracker
I've made videos on many different pebble smartwatches, the apple watch, of course, moto 360, and even the fossil Q. founder, but this is my first time getting it.

What’s going on, guys?  so they were checking out something new from Huawei. This is the wall way fit, a lightweight fitness wearable that comes at a respectable $130 price point.


Now it’s been a while since my last night’s watch review on this channel.


I’ve made videos on many different pebble smartwatches, the apple watch, of course, moto 360, and even the fossil Q. founder, but this is my first time getting it. My hands-on anything from Huawei if you’re looking for a decent fitness tracker slash smartwatch.


This will probably be an excellent choice, so let’s take a look and see what the wall has to offer.


We’ll start by quickly going through the unboxing experience. Pulling out the watch reveals some accessories and paperwork inside the package. Get standard instructions in legal info—nothing too exciting there.


You get the standard micro USB cable for charging the watch, which instead of plugging into the eye will plug into this included magnetic charging dock, which will use every time.


You’re charged with it very similar to most other smartwatch setting docks setup is super simple the fifth pairs over Bluetooth to both iOS and Android. After downloading many software updates and Wally op, I was up and running in just many minutes hardware wise the wall if it is simple.


You get a 1-inch monochrome 28 by 28 resolution touchscreen E. ink display with an auto backlight. The show is fair. It’s good enough in low light and sunlight, but the glare gets it sometimes, and I understand that not everyone is a fan of a basic grey and black color scheme. The standard band that ships with the fit are surprisingly lovely.


It’s a super tough and sturdy-feeling report sport band, and if you’re not a fan of it, you can swap it out with any compatible 18-millimeter band you have lying around the design of the wall if it is very traditional, it’s quiet then.


It doesn’t take up a lot of space on your wrist, and it’s extremely light, probably the lightest smartwatch.


I’ve used it, so it’s very comfortable and essentially nonintrusive as any watch could be. There are no buttons whatsoever on the fit, so navigating through the. Different menus are done by swiping and tapping on the screen.


It is okay about 90 percent of the time, but the small screen isn’t accurate in distinguishing between swipes and taps.


You can flick your wrist up and down to navigate through some of the men used to. The only issue with doing this is you can’t select anything by flicking your wrist is off the top of something.


When you get to it, the wall is designed to be an all-day fitness and lifestyle tracker. It collects the usual data like steps, calories, distance, and even sleeps automatically every 10 minutes.


You can start in track workout and the wall if it gives you running, walking, cycling treadmills, and swimming options, but no custom or general workout tracking is available and yes, tracking your swim workout means.


If it is IP 68 water-resistant, along with wearing it in the shower going up to 50 meters deep in water should be no problem, and of course, like pretty much all other wearables, the wall if it can monitor.


Your heart rate either continuously every 10 minutes or when you tell it to through that menu option on the watch, and all that information is stored in the Wallet app, which I’ll get to in just a second in regards to customization.


You get six different watch faces to choose from, but that’s not much else to say there you’re on iOS or Android.


You’ll need to download the walkway, where the app will get the whole experience of using the Wally fit with all the settings and information.


You’ll need to configure certain aspects of the watch. On iOS, for example, it’s where you’ll find the toggle for turning on notifications or message alerts if it can get certain notifications from your iPhone like text calls, emails, and a few other apps like Snapchat, unfortunately.


It’s just read-only notifications. You can’t answer a phone call or respond to attacks through the watch. You’d have to do all that from your phone.


The app keeps historical data on calories steps distance, and you can organize by an hour of the day, week, month, even year. You get in-depth heart rate information, I mentioned earlier, broken down by the time the only fit has an 80000000 power battery and.


And since the screen is E. ink, that doesn’t require power to advertise 60 battery life in my two weeks using the watch.


I’ve only had to charge it once, that claim is very accurate and what’s even more impressive is that it only takes if it 2:00 hours to go from dead to a full charge.


The wall is a good fitness tracker and wearable for its price point, you’re making a few sacrifices.


I want to point out, for one, the watch is a bit smaller in diameter than I usually like, and the round one-inch display is good but not great in both how it looks and how it functions a touch screen there’s no GPS in the fit which means.


You’ll always have to have your phone on you to get accurate data. It’s not a standalone watch. There’s no auto exercise detection like on the Fitbit or Samsung watches.


However, on the other end of the spectrum, the fit does function as a silent alarm. I can help you set up specific fitness plans with goals for running something like a 5 K., and it can integrate itself with apple health.


Suppose you happen to use that to track your health data well, with all that being said. You are keeping in mind the $30 price, the wall if it is a good wearable. You get decent battery life, a slim light, classic design, and all of your basic fitness tracking functionality with light smartphone notifications thrown at, so hopefully, and you guys enjoy this article.


If you’re interested in picking up a ball of it yourself, I’ll leave all the links down in the description. Let me know what you think of the law. and I’ll see you guys later.


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