The HTC One M9 Full Review/Cover By Mohid

The HTC One M9 Full Review
You'll notice that H. T. C. barred pretty much the same award-winning design from the M. 8 for the M. 9 phone itself has a solid premium feel made of aluminum and glass.

What’s going on, guys? and I’ll be giving you a full review of the brand new HTC 1 M. 9. Let’s take a look at this version of the M. 9 the gunmetal gray color that I picked up direct from H. T. C. for 600 $49 on locked in right off the bat.


You’ll notice that H. T. C. barred pretty much the same award-winning design from the M. 8 for the M. 9 phone itself has a solid premium feel made of aluminum and glass.


And it feels great in hand overall. Some people have criticized each CC for not being bored in revamping the M. 9 but in my opinion.


I made was 1 of the best-looking phones on the market last year, so I’m glad they stuck with the same design on the front of the phone. You’ll find the 4-megapixel ultra pixel front-facing cameras while the boom sound speakers on the top and bottom or back.


We have the new 20-megapixel camera along with an LED flash, and it’s important to note that the camera does protrude a decent amount when the phone is on its back. We have a micro SD slot volume up and down buttons and the power button on the left.


We have the sim card tray and nothing else. The entire top of the device is a large IR blaster, which you can see right there. Of course, the bottom houses the 3.5-millimeter headphone Jack the micro USB port inside. The HTC 1 M. 9 is powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor and 3 gigabytes of ram with 32 gigabytes of storage standard with the option to expand via micro SD internal pack a punch for not only everyday use.


But demanding usage like graphics-heavy games or multitasking components is pretty much some of the best combinations on the market so far this year. Overall, the phone feels snappy responsive even under pressure.


The M. 9 ships with android 5.0 lollypop and the H. T. C. $0.7 skin, which in my opinion is 1 of the better-looking android skins looking at you touch the screen on the HTC 1 M. 9 is the familiar 5 inches 1080 P. full HD display that we saw with the M. 8. However, I think a lot of us were hoping for an upgrade. The screen on this device is still gorgeous but may.


Fall short when stacked up against phones like the S. 6, you won’t be finding pixels on the screen at all.


The colors look bright and vibrant from viewing angle the screen is protected by Corning gorilla glass 4, which promises to be pretty tough.


We all know what’s going to happen on this thing falls face-first into the concrete H. T. C. ditch their unique culture pixel camera technology on the rear for the standard 20.7-megapixel camera instead, but the results have been mixed.


The camera and software include several great features, including face and smile detection HDR, split capture, and even 4 K. video recording. However, 4 K. is limited to about 6 minutes of capture time, probably due to battery storage and overheating issues, even with a long list of capture and editing tools and fun minor features.


The real test is snapping pictures and videos in the real world during situations, and there are times in the M. 9 falls flat in normal light. The M. 9 can snap decent pictures but in dim low light.


The camera is pretty bad overall. The detail is lost, colors are faded and blurred, and image quality is simply sub-par. There’s no optical image stabilization either, with flagship smartphone cameras getting better and better.


It’s a shame that H. T. C. can’t keep up because this is a blemish on an otherwise excellent smartphone front-facing camera where you’ll find the 4-megapixel ultra pixel technology that was on the rear of the M. 8. The front camera is suitable for both pictures. And video and can record in 1080 P. ECC has several features and settings for capturing that perfect selfie.


Suppose you like to see a more in-depth camera review, including a 4 K. video sample picture video samples and comparison to the likes of the iPhone 6. you can check out the annotations on-screen or the tech daily.


The front-facing boom sound speakers that have been a significant selling point for the M. series have returned to the M. 9 and are even better than ever at a total volume. The sound coming from this phone is really unlike other smartphones on the market, granted most of us don’t use the speakers on our phones.


Daily basis, but the speakers on the M. 9 making money use them into the headphones half the time because they are that good. Powering the M. 9 is a 2040000000 power battery which should get the M. 9 decent battery life overall.


I’ve been able to go a full day and then some on moderate use, and with power saver mode and extreme power saver mode, they give you a dark theme and limited functionality. You shouldn’t have any problems at all with the battery life. Of course, your results will vary depending on how you use the phone all in all.


I’d have to say that the ECC one M. 9 is an above-average flagship smartphone.


But I’m not blown away. I was a big fan of the M. 8, and I’m still a fan of the M. 9. Certain aspects of the phone, like the large bezels around the outdated screen in the embarrassing rear camera that take away from a great user experience, still the build quality and design of the C. C. one M. 9 are unmatched.


And I think that’s what separates at most from the pack in general if you have an M. 8, I would say there’s no need to upgrade right away, but if you’re on an older device or maybe want to transfer from iOS to Android, might be the phone for you hopefully.You guys enjoy the article


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