The Galaxy Note 8 Review/Cover By Mohid

The Galaxy Note 8 Review
And all the goodies on this phone this is the best, most complete, most feature-packed android device for sale. With that being said, it's the most expensive

What’s going on, guys so I’ve officially had the Samsung galaxy note 8 for about 2 weeks now, and I feel like that’s a reasonable amount of time to not only talk about my experience with the device.


But give you guys my general thoughts, including or not I think the note 8 is worth 1000 Bucks it costs, and it might be a better option than something like the S. 8 or S. 8 plus now let me start by just stating the obvious this is the best android phone.


You can buy right now, and that’s not an opinion-based statement. That’s just basically a fact with the specs on the screen in the features.


And all the goodies on this phone this is the best, most complete, most feature-packed android device for sale. With that being said, it’s the most expensive. Phones have gotten ridiculously expensive over the last year, too, so if you want the best, you have to be prepared to spend quite a bit of money for that chunk of change though you’re getting a device.


That looks premium and feels great in hand. The all-glass design, a little treacherous, if you’re not careful, is, in my opinion, the most beautiful way a smartphone can be produced in Samsung’s 6.3-inch display.


Which I’ll talk about in just a second flows from edge to edge stretches to cover 83 percent of the phone’s front surface area. This is a sign with the almost nonexistent side bezels and super slim even notch top and bottom bezels.


I think it is the perfect use of space given that we still need to have that front camera and sensors and things visible with all that being said, that glass is a fingerprint magnet. When the phone is all naked, it’s going to look grimy time, but that’s a price. I’m willing to pay for a device that seems reasonable, the only complaint.


I have with the external hardware for this device that I think most people have with this phone, and that is, of course, the fingerprint sensor placement. It’s inconvenient, to say the least, even with my big hands.


Only use facial recognition to unlock my note 8 and especially with apple’s iPhone 10 adopting this feature now too.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the days of fingerprint sensors for the likes of Samsung and Apple are over with, which is why I think so. I’m so I’m just stuck on the back, but that’s okay with me now.


Let’s talk about the display. The note 86.3 inch super Emma display is gorgeous no matter what you’re watching we saw on the estate, you’re unfortunately not given that full 2960 by 1440 Q. HD resolution right out of the box.


You need to enable in settings, and the thought is that Samsung has a kind of combat. And some potential lousy battery life from the screen runs at its highest resolution for most people going to notice a difference at all between full HD and Quad HD at the box during day-to-day use probably not, I just thought.


It’s a little deceptive to put so much advertising money showcasing the Q. HD display and making a selling point while making it something.


The user has to enable themselves if they even realize that, as far as the specs go, I’m not going to talk too much about this because there isn’t too much to say—the note 8 ships with the best processor on the market right now.


The snapdragon 835 the best GPU 6 gigs of ram there isn’t anything better.


You could ask for Samsung skin over android has gotten better over the years, so this phone’s overall performance is stellar, which really shouldn’t even need to be set. You know you’re getting the fastest most spect out the phone when you buy it, regarding the specs.


I will have to talk about battery life. Yes, last year’s Note 7 was unfortunate, because of that, I think Samsung how to take some steps to ensure that a situation like that never happens again.


This is why with note 8, we’re left with just a 30 $300000000 battery. Compare that to the 3000 power battery on the S. 8 and the 30 $500000000 battery on the S. 8 plus, and you can see.


The issue is the battery life on the note 8 is okay, and it’s not great; I’ve gotten a bit more than 4.5 hours of screen on time, and I need to charge it at a point during the day the no line used to be a battery powerhouse.


But that’s not the case with this generation I anticipate we’ll see vast improvements next year when Sam’s song is more confident in the batteries. Again with note 8, you’re getting the complete package of little stuff that’s just important.


But that a lot of phone companies are starting to drop, you still get expandable storage.


The micro SD you get a headphone Jack Samsung has a ball to U. S. B. C. of course, it’s really the complete package from top to bottom, and then there’s the whole reason the note line exists bonus of the S. pen.


I did a whole video and everything the S. pen can and a link on the screen if you’re interested in a more in-depth walk-through.


But far as my own personal S. pen use, I use it for notes sometimes.


When the screen is off, I feel the need to jot something down, and a writing tool a stylus, it’s adorable fluid. It feels great on the screen for some people.


It’s probably a great tool that can take their dated phone used to another whole level, and that’s awesome, but for me, the S. pen isn’t the deciding factor in purchasing the note line like it once was. It’s okay.


But I just don’t feel the need to use an off, and that’s unfortunate there are some useful tools and interesting software features, sure.


But there isn’t anything that the Aspin can do that your fingertips wouldn’t be able to do except for maybe coloring pretty pictures of cotton candy unicorns, including coloring books. Like art professionals, better off using the proper drawing tablet or even an apple pencil on the iPad.


Note 8 isn’t a professional drawing tool. It’s not precise enough for functional enough, and I need to mention that because many people seem to have asked about that with this phone besides the S. pen.


The standout feature that separates note 8 from the estate line is B. dual cameras. This is Samsung’s first attempt at a dual camera on their flagship smartphones, and they did a fantastic job with everything.


They tried to do the standalone tool 12 megapixel F. 1.7 shooter with optical image stabilization is a great all-around camera for both pictures and video up to 4 K. at 30 FPS much like. The estate was granted sex picture profiles continue to lean towards the more saturated side.


But a lot of people are a fan of the vibrant colors. I have to say I am too. The second camera, an expansive 52 millimeter F. 2.4, lands with I. S. adds more tricks like the two-time optical zoom, which is pretty good, not perfect, but it gets the job done about 90 percent of the time as what Samsung calls live.


Focus think portrait mode for the iPhone, and the dual cameras come together to offer the ability to blur the background behind people and objects for an almost DSLR-like. With the picture with note 8, you can adjust the blur in real-time and make adjustments after taking all these neat tricks. The note 8 camera setup is the complete package.


It’s probably the best all-around camera you can snag on a smartphone, at least until .the iPhone 10 likely, and in my opinion. The cameras are probably. A significant selling point. A more compelling feature than the S. pen and differentiating this device from the S. 8, so with all that being said.


I feel very confident saying again that this is the absolute best android phone you can buy on the market right now.


The most complete, most well-rounded, most feature-packed device is battery life. Disappointing, yes, but in my eyes, that’s the only negative with note 8.


But I will say this if you have an S. 8 or S. 8 plus, there is no reason to jump to the note 8. It isn’t worth the hassle, and it’s not necessarily worth the money if you’re rocking an older device.


And want the absolute best, though and have $1000 laying around the note 8 is the way to go, no questions asked, so hopefully, you guys enjoy this review. Let me know what you think of note 8 in the comments below. Also, be sure. I’ll see you guys later.


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