The Fitbit Blaze Unboxing/Cover By Mohid

The Fitbit Blaze Unboxing
The place takes on a more smartwatch-like look which may be a plus for some people. Let's go ahead and unbox it and see where the Fitbit blaze is all about taking a look at the outside the box.

What’s going on, guys? we are checking out the new Fitbit Blaze, the first fitness tracker from Fitbit with a full-color touch screen display.


It takes the Fitbit brand into a little different direction 400 99 Bucks the Fitbit blaze falls in between the charge H. R. in the search for the biggest things that separate the blaze from other Fitbit products are both new hardware software.


The place takes on a more smartwatch-like look which may be a plus for some people. Let’s go ahead and unbox it and see where the Fitbit blaze is all about taking a look at the outside the box. We see a picture of the Fitbit blaze itself along with a list of some of its features and around back.


We get a little more in-depth information about what the Fitbit place offer on the left, and we get picture of the police displaying a workout. On the right, you get some measurement information about the small and large band sizes, so we’ll go ahead and peel off the sticker, pull off the sleeve flipped open the box and there.


We see the Fitbit blaze will pull it out and send it to the side for just a second inside the box.


You get to small booklets with instructions and set up information and a very unique-looking charging cradle.


I’ll go over in just a minute with all that out of the way. Once again, here is the new Fitbit plays. I have to say the device looks pretty nice, very different from Fitbit’s other products, and leans more towards the smartwatch side of the spectrum rather than the usual fitness trackers. The Fitbit blaze metal housing gives it a premium look.


Which I’m definitely a fan of. On the side, you’ll find a few buttons, 1 on the left side and 2 on the right. The screen measures 31.75 millimeters diagonally, as a 16-bit color LCD with a 240 by 180-pixel resolution all covered in Corning Gorilla Glass 3, the police offer 5-day battery life.


Which is pretty decent, that’s a plus, but you won’t be wearing the blaze and water. Its rain sweat and splash-proof offers no guaranteed water resistance. Other than that, there are 3 different band options to choose from the classic band.


That comes in black, blue, purple, a leather band in black, brown, gray for $100 extra, and a silver metal link band for $130 extra, the standard band.


I have here is a textured rubber material. I wouldn’t say it’s particularly soft. But it’s decent quality, and it’s definitely built to last the band loop, on the other hand, with that little Fitbit logo.


There is a delicate plastic that feels like it might wear out or break over time in the middle latch isn’t the best quality metal in the world. Still, in general, it is a decent watch band overall on the underside of the police. You’ll find the heartbeat sensor in the middle and for small gold pins that serve as the charging connector to set up.


The Fitbit plays just like other Fitbit. You have to download the app from either the app store on iOS or the Google play store on android. I’m not going in-depth with the setup process here because there.


It isn’t too much to see honestly, know setting this thing up takes a deal of time between waiting for the software updates to download or flipping through a crazy amount of screens to finally get it ready to go. The Fitbit app is where you’ll find all of your health and fitness data stored daily.


You’ll see how many steps you’ve walked, heartbeat miles, calories burned, and plenty of other statistics from your day and leaving it broken down by the hour.


The blaze is really comfortable to wear, mostly since both the band and watch face is light and personally fit my wrist really well. It’s fragile, too especially compared to some other bulkier smartwatches.


That you might be used to wearing the screen itself is pretty bright and easy to read, and the color scheme of the U. I. makes all the text and icons stand out everything is really clear and visible the touchscreen works really well.


When swiping and navigating through the different menus and black background, why does a great job hide the huge bezels?


This makes the screen appear bigger than it is, but you can definitely see in certain apps at the screen has a lot of extra estate surrounding it.


And it isn’t as big it seems. At first, one interesting aspect of the blaze is affected the entire watch face pops out of the middle housing, and this is so you can talk to police and its charging cradle. It’s a little weird and unnecessary works.


I guess, but you’ll notice that the whole housing and band set up is unique to the plays so that you won’t be using any third party watch bands for either customizability is really limited, at least right now, you get for watch faces to choose from and that’s.


But hopefully, Fitbit plans to add more in the future interpersonal vacations. You get call text, calendar notifications pushed your phone producers visual notification alerts you can’t reply or do anything.


Also them directly through the blaze at first glance, the Fitbit blaze looks like a smartwatch. You get a nice middle housing class touchscreen LCD and add a premium leather or link band to make it look even better but functionality-wise.


It’s important to understand that this is still primarily a fitness tracker, and it’s intended for people who want to monitor their daily activity exercise constantly.


Yes, you do get notifications, but everything else about the blaze is strictly for fitness tracking. In my opinion, there’s nothing wrong with that.


I can appreciate the fact if it wanted to create a better-looking, smartwatch-like fitness tracker. Still, if you’re picking this up thinking it’s compatible with an apple watch, moto 360, or galaxy gear, you will be very disappointed and at 100 $99.


I think it might be a bit pricey. Still, you are paying for the trusted Fitbit brand, so hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. Definitely let me know what you think of the Fitbit blaze in the comments below. and I’ll see you guys later.


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