Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review/Cover By Mohid

Samsung Galaxy S8 AKG Earbuds Review
The S. 8 and S. 8 plus essentially $100 more expensive than their S. 7 counterparts from last year,so getting these as a free included accessory might

What’s going on guys?¬† so when you pick up a new Samsung galaxy S. 8 or S. 8 plus, packed inside the box at the very bottom is a pair of earbuds. A lot of phone manufacturers include types of earbuds. Apple includes $29 earpods with the iPhone L. G. offered a free pair of $129, you know, play.


Your buds with the V. 20 last year from Sam song for your S. 8 you get these $99 AKG earbuds AKG falls under the Harman audio brand, which is owned by Sam song to make sense that something like these is included.


The S. 8 and S. 8 plus essentially $100 more expensive than their S. 7 counterparts from last year, so getting these as a free included accessory might not be the most appropriate way of putting it but either way, let’s go ahead and check these things out.


And see if they should be your new go-to, your buds. The first thing to note is that while these earbuds appear standard, at least at first, you’ll quickly notice that really unique shape they’re constructed in such a manner to fit a certain way in not only your ear but sort of rests inside on edge.



And while I wouldn’t consider that your buds to be particularly bulky, a little exercise and particular architecture means that these might not really be a one size fits all kind of product to help combat fit in form issues the report your tips are removable like you’d find on most other earbuds of this style in Simpson includes many extra replacement tips of different sizes to allow hopefully.


You to fit them comfortably in your specific here personally. I found the ones that came preinstalled to be just fine for me to further touch on these guys’ build the top one third.


The cable is the plasticky rubbery coating that is cheap and will not be very durable in the long run heading down the cable. You’ll notice some in-line controls included for volume up and down and playing and pausing.


Your music again, just like the cable, the controls feel a little cheap to they’re a thin, light plastic which keeps the weight down to make sure.


It isn’t tugging on the cable you’re listening to, but overall, it doesn’t feel quite right when we get to the rest of the cable before it breaks off into the 2 years but ends. You can see we get a nice breed.



A cable that really should have been the whole thing, but at least we do get some braided cable at all, which will definitely help with their ability to ensure their buds. Last, of all, the end is your standard 3.5-millimeter connector and the only reason.


I make it a point to mention with apple cutting the headphone Jack completely and relying on lightning and other companies having their sights set on USB C. headphones, it’s nice to see that Samsung stuck with the basics and gave us all that we know and love for as fit and comfort I have, to be honest.


When I saw how these were structured, I immediately figured they’d fit weird for me, but that really isn’t the case with the rubber ear tip.


It’s well, and that little extra bulk rests right on my ear where it should for a generally comfortable and pretty secure fit. Now I completely understand that everyone’s ears are different, and not everyone will find these AKG earbuds comfortable or even have them stand.


But in my case, I found that they were not only comfortable but stayed in my ears  I was casually listening, walking around, or even moving quite a bit, and just another mention about the in-line controls are easily accessible.


And fall similarly in the same place on the cable compared to most other earbuds, of course. The most important factor with any earbuds is how they sound on the spectrum of free included with your smartphone earbuds’ purchase. These are gonna be on the highest end of sound quality.


They’re much better than AirPods, for example, and that’s expected. With that being said, at a suggested $99 price point, I think these earbuds do leave a little bit to be desired. The base is sort of may it’s there, but its kind of muddy vocals are okay. They sound good enough, but they definitely don’t pop; I think they just lack the kind of detail.


You’d expect to hear from your music if you listen to other $99 earbuds what I pay for these probably not, I mean.


I might hand over 40 or 50 Bucks, Max. They sound good enough at least and are far better than the other free pair of your budget gonna listen to them, but that’s about it, nothing too impressive.


So there you go. Those are my thoughts on the special but not that special pair of AKG earbuds that come with the galaxy S. 8 and S. 8, plus there’s a nice addition no matter how you look at it.


And I can’t. The sheet that Samsung decided to highlight not only their AKG and Harman audio brands but sort of showcase the fact and included headphone Jack and some nice earbuds are still something everyone wants, so hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. Definitely let me know your thoughts on the AKG earbuds in the comments below. and I’ll see you guys later.


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