Powerbank CaseCrown SlimPower Wallet/Cover By Mohid

Powerbank CaseCrown SlimPower Wallet
This is a B. case crown slim power wallet, and from a first glance, you can see that it's a sleek straightforward compact wallet, but this thing packs

What’s going on, guys? so it’s not very nowadays I come across a standalone accessory type product that I like, but this 2 in one wallet right here is an exception.


This is a B. case crown slim power wallet, and from a first glance, you can see that it’s a sleek straightforward compact wallet, but this thing packs an extra.


Which is convenient a super slim 2500000000 power battery for charging your devices on the go.


I’ll get to the battery in just a minute, the wallet does exactly what you had to expect. You get 3 slots for your various debit or credit cards or ID or anything else you need to carry with you, and you get a band across.


The back that holds your cash everything is a tight fit, so you won’t have to worry about your cards or money slipping out. It does take a little bit of force to remove stuff, but I don’t mind that far.


As its size it’s about big the average guy’s folding wallet, you can see it compared to my old wallet, and it more or less fits in the profile of it, but you can see it’s quite a bit thinner and slimmer now.


I have many cards and things in my wallet, most of which aren’t necessary, but that’s probably the only negative for the function of a wallet you might not get many cards lots you’re used to the slim power.


While it comes in 4 different colors and materials, this is the charcoal gray canvas, but you can get navy brown and black leather for more of a traditional wall it looks now for the critical stuff that 2500000000 power battery.


I mentioned it sits right in between everything in the wallet. It’s lights out quickly. You can see far external batteries go, this is pretty plain and simple 2500000000 hours means you should be able to charge most smartphones on the market at least 3 quarters of the way or more on a single go which isn’t crazy.


But keeping in mind how compact the battery has 75 percent battery in my back pocket is convenient charging a portable battery requires just the standard USB cable. Which is included in the box, of course, and on the other end, for charging your device, you get a built-in fully attached micro USB plug, so you don’t have to carry around extra cables, and I know what you’re.


Thinking, what if I have an iPhone for that you get a micro USB to lightning adapter tip stored right at the top of the battery? Not only is that clever, but you can use the lightning tip on other micro USB cables you already own too.


So I can appreciate how valuable that little accessory is when you’re charging your device, you get a blue LED indicator letting.


You know it’s working, but besides that, there isn’t much else to say far a slim power wall is concerned.


I know there is a lot of wallet flip cover 2 in one phone case type things out there, and I know there are crazy excellent portable battery brakes on the market.


And I know there are even wallet and battery charger combinations offered. Still, I think for 30 Bucks, the slim power wallet is something to consider if you’re looking to upgrade your wallet or even just want a portable charging solution. That’s very compact personally, and I’m glad the folks over at case crown centers over to check out, I said earlier.


I don’t do many accessory reviews anymore, but this was just too good of a product not to check out. If you’d like to learn more about this than power wallet or pick one up for yourself, I’ll have all the links down in the description for you to check out.


But hopefully, you guys enjoy this article. Let me know what kind of all you’re rocking in the comments below, and I’ll see you guys later.


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