PaMu Slide Plus Truly Wireless Earphones Review/Cover By Mohid

PaMu Slide Plus Truly Wireless Earphones Review
These are the new pen move slide your buds. Unlike many products nowadays, he started an idea on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, where they quickly raised almost 4.$1000000, which is about 20000 percent of their $20000 goal the company behind.

What’s going on, guys?¬† we’re checking out an exciting pair of wireless earbuds.These are the new pen move slide your buds. Unlike many products nowadays, he started an idea on the crowdfunding website Indiegogo, where they quickly raised almost 4.$1000000, which is about 20000 percent of their $20000 goal the company behind.


The earbuds pad mate I began shipping the product to backers, which is great to see and the product delivered is very enticing in this video. I’m gonna go over what these earbuds have to offer, of course, and a few reasons.


Why I think they should be in the running if you’re in the market for your first pair of wireless earbuds fourth maybe you want a new pair to replace your old ones, of course, if you’re interested in learning more about the panu slide or want to check out the campaign or company website all, have all that stuff listed and linked down below.


First things first, I think what attracted many people to these initiatives, was the price the campaign lists the PAM slide plus the version.


I have here for about $70, well under 100 Bucks about half the price of some other wireless earbuds that’s a steal, but it only makes sense if Pat me delivered a good product, and fortunately, they did these are the parents lives the real-world production models.


I have the white and green here. Obviously, you may also come in black if you want that, and compared to what you might see with your buds like these, they’re pretty unique, but everything has a purpose before we get too far into it.


I do want to show you what comes inside the retail box. You can get an idea everything is packaged really nicely and sit front center right inside the box underneath the earbuds and charging case. You’ll find a short U. S. B. C.


To standard USB charging cable, so yes, the case charges via USB C. which is great, and you get a bunch of replaceable rubber ear tips to depend on which side has a more traditional you’re but look and feel with the ability to find.


The right tip for your ear is based on your ear canal’s size, and I think that’s definitely going to make many people happy. Slide get their name, of course, from the slide open charging case. The rest in this is a fascinating design mechanism is auto open and close locking system where you can’t half open them.


And you don’t worry about the door popping open in a backpack or anything on its own. The rails and slider are all metal underneath, so I can imagine the door will break or come undone even under a bit of unintentional pressure in addition to the sliding door. The case offer magnetic charging points for the earbuds.



Which is a must-have, so when you drop them into their designated compartments, they pop into place and stay there charging way. Even if things get rattled around, I may ask, okay, this is all great, but why is the charging case.


So big, and that’s a fair question. There is a reason for that in addition to charging your buds charging case. Interestingly enough is a wireless G. charger if you put the case over and pop your phone on top of it.


It’ll start charging. It’s a 2000 milliamp-hour battery, so enough to charge up your phone maybe once, and it is a little weird, but I like this. I appreciate the effort here and delivering something unique besides that, and the case has that USB C. port around.


The back with the power button next to it and some indicator lights across the sort of messy feeling front to let you know how much juice you have left and for just charging the earbuds the case can you sum up 6 times for up to 60 hours of total playback without needing to be plugged in 60 hours on a single charge is more than I’ve ever seen on a pair of wireless earbuds so you might find yourself charging.


If the sort of about the charging case, these up once a month, let’s get to the earbuds. These sort of look like a combination of AirPods and like an active sport wireless your budget.


Once again is a pretty interesting design choice, but punctually, I think it works well. The earbuds, I said, have that removable rubber ear tip, and the whole rest of the bug that touches your ear is all rubber too.


So not only is it comfortable but also helps keep everything. Secure, you can see the charging contact points underneath there as well a couple of small microphone holes.


The noticeable thing on the buds themselves is an LED indicator to let you know when they’re on and charging or searching for a connection, but they do hold one-trick touch control.


I will go over in just a second far as their connection; they are Bluetooth 5, and the setup is aseamless. It’s a one-step process to remove them from the case head over to your phone to find them waiting to be paired, and that’s its instant connection to both birds with one tap just it should be. I personally haven’t had a single connection issue with these either during my time using them.


So I was happy to see that too further fit the light of the payment at first glance seem like the sort of dangle E. and awkward airport style, but that hangs off your ear, but that’s not the case the upper sort of 2 thirds of the earbud that sits in and around your ear canal the bulk of it that the guest portion of the blood.


It fills your whole year basically locks in tight, the part of the blood that hangs out and down is so light relatively small that it doesn’t affect anything at all. The regular ear tips that ship the pain we slide worked perfectly for me and given that my ears are maybe a little bit smaller.


I was surprised just how comfortable they were. They’re very much standard sport earbud feels and the design is a bit more unique than a lot of the ones I’ve tried before, so if you haven’t had much luck with wireless earbuds, you might want to look into these since.


They are a bit different. As I mentioned a minute ago, you do have touch controls here to play and pausing music taking phone calls, adjusting the volume. The touch controls aren’t accurate as AirPods in my experience but still very usable and definitely a better choice than having buttons, most importantly.


The sound coming from these earbuds this very excellent it’s a crisp, clear sound with a balanced profile that works¬† with just about any music.


I will say, though, that if you’re looking for bass, that’s probably where the pen most. Hi, lack the most, but your meds and highs are solid, your voice is clear, and you get a decent amount of noise cancellation since that your buds to sit.


So snugly in around her here, you’ll get about 10:00 hours of continuous use with just the earbuds themselves, which is again I think really great paired with the case you’re getting more than anything.


As I said, I’ve come across 60 hours and all and all for well under 100 Bucks. The pen we slide it might claim the spot for the best wireless earbuds at that price range.


They could easily compete with more expensive ones too, and all the charging cases might be a deal-breaker for some. It is a little bulky, after all. The size of it was specifically made to serve a purpose the wireless charger.


And I can definitely respect that, so hopefully, you guys enjoyed this review. Let me know what you think of Pam. and I’ll see you guys later.


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