OurLink WiFI Range Extender Review/Cover By Mohid

OurLink WiFI Range Extender Review
I recommend getting something like this a wifi range extender and signal booster. This one from the folk over at our link is very affordable, under 30 bucks on Amazon right now, and it's a straightforward way to extend.

What’s going on, guys? so if you’ve been stuck with this body not-so-great wifi in your home, your office, your business, or anywhere else, chances are you’ve probably looked into either upgrading your existing wifi router or trying out a different solution instead like mesh wifi.


I reviewed lots of mesh wifi products on the channel already, of course, but I know some people don’t want to spend over $100 or more on a completely brand new system, so instead.


I recommend getting something like this a wifi range extender and signal booster. This one from the folk over at our link is very affordable, under 30 bucks on Amazon right now, and it’s a straightforward way to extend.


Your wifi coverage to rooms or areas or the connection can get a little rough if you’re interested in learning more about our links range extender a leveling down below in the video descriptions.


You can check it out for yourself and maybe even pick one up if you’re interested. What’s really nice about this little guy is how easy it is to use and set up; you don’t get a whole lot here, just the wifi extender itself.


This is pretty small about the wall outlet’s size, and that’s exactly this range extender is going to live. Plugged right into the wall outlet in the room where you need better coverage, got many to intend.


I screwed into the base here, and these can be tilted and turned in direction you need, so if you want them pointed a certain way or flipped up or down depending on where it’s plugged in, you can

of course, do that on the unit itself.


There isn’t a lot to mention here. There is one hardware button to answer your WPS or wifi-protected setup button and 2 lights upfront. The wifi-shaped light shows your signal strength, and there’s a power light on the bottom to show.


When the devices are working, set up far as adding a wifi extender to your home network is basically like a 3 step process. You first need to plug the extender and the wall outlet either in the room that’s getting a shoddy connection or about halfway between.


The point in your house and your original wifi router next using any device you want your smartphone tablet computer you’ll connect to the wifi range extender new network in the network name and password that you need to connect is listed both on the instruction booklet and on the unit itself this little thing can broadcast both the 2.


Or gigahertz and 5 gigahertz connection and supports 802.11 AC 8 B. G. and N. standards at speeds of up to 800 67 megabits per second on 5 gigahertz bands and 300 megabits per second on 2.4 gigahertz. All this stuff means is up for a vast majority of folks using this thing. You won’t have to worry about connection issues or speed caps after your device is connected to the extender network.


You have to either use the Q. R. code on the instruction booklet to get to the set of pages and internet browser or manually type in the web address our links daughter Peter you’ll be asked for the default username and password again. After that, you’ll come to this page which has a lot going on.


But I’ll explain everything here, so towards the top, you can, of course, choose to change the network name and password for both the 2.4 and 5 gigahertz networks, and you’ll definitely want to do that at the point anyway.


You don’t run the risk of having a stranger login with the default information. You can switch from the 2.4 or 5 gigahertz that works if you need to do that well and down at the bottom here.


Israel chooses what wifi network you want to use the range extender on. Obviously, you’ll pick your home network, tap on the join button and then scroll towards the very bottom of the page and type in your wifi network password.



This is the password for your specific wifi, not the default username and password that the range extender uses, so keep that in mind this little pop-up will come up next, just asking if you’re sure this is the network.


You want to use your quick close, and that’s basically it. The whole rest of the process takes place automatically on the wifi extender itself. The lights will flash and blink for just a few seconds after a moment, and you should go green and be all set.


You’ve now extended your wifi network even further, and you likely should have a much stronger connection now with the extender immediately. I wanted to check my speed with this thing to be sure.


I’m personally paying for over 100 down and 50 up. It does fluctuate a bit, and over wifi it isn’t always perfect. You can see here I’m getting about as good of a speed as I can get with this extender all in all.


I think this little range extender from our link is a super easy and very affordable way to get a wider, stronger wifi connection without getting too technical.


I think just about anyone can do with no cables or software to set up, and as I said, the price is perfect for those who don’t want to shell out a few 0 Bucks on an entirely new system, so hopefully, you guys enjoy.


This video will let me know what you think of this wifi range extender and the comment down below and how you get good coverage in your own home. and I’ll see you guys later.


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