Logitech MX Master 2S vs. MX Anywhere 2S/Cover By Mohid

Logitech MX Master 2S vs. MX Anywhere 2S
And the M. X. anywhere retails for a little less at 80 Bucks with a very similar selection of features the nice part about Logitech releasing.

What’s going on, guys? and in this article, we are checking out the relatively new Logitech Amex master to S. N. M. X. anywhere to S. mice. This is the first time.


I’ve strictly reviewed mouse on my channel but given the popularity of the generation Mixmaster mouse from last year in particular.


I figured I had gone ahead and seen what all the hype was about. I decided to get anywhere to ask the cheaper little brother to the master to serve a bit of a comparison DMX master to S. retails for 0 Bucks at the moment, a bit pricey for a mouse. Still, this thing has a lot to offer will go over in just a minute.


And the M. X. anywhere retails for a little less at 80 Bucks with a very similar selection of features the nice part about Logitech releasing.


These refresh mice are that the last generation and mix master and make anywhere have come down in price to 65 and $50 respectively, and those are still great options always if you’re interested in checking out of the mice.


I mentioned leaving all the links to the lowest prices down in the video description, so be sure to check there now at my first glance. These mice are a bit different in far of size and shape. With the Amex, I am anywhere a straightforward smaller, more compact mouse over all around the mounts.


You’ll see quite a few different buttons, including two on the side, the 2 standard buttons up top, of course, the scroll wheel with a pretty unique feature, and one more button dead center in the middle for measure underneath.


You’ll find the power and connect buttons along with a selection button that allows you to set up and use the mouse on three different computers so you could, for example, use the mouse on your home computer take it to work and by simply pressing.


The button there will automatically recognize connect to the second computer without you having to do anything else. Gimmicks master is set up pretty similar to the controls and functionality go.


The only noticeable aside from that right side area of the mouse that sticks out to rest your thumb is a second side scroll wheel, which I find convenient.


When I’m editing video to scrub through the timeline and not only is precise, it helps speed up my workflow, and it’s something I never really thought I’d need.


But after using it for a while, I can’t seem to work now without it and the unique feature with the scroll wheel that I mentioned giving it a flick in Abel’s, a sort of hyper infinity scroll where the wheel spins and spins automatically.


You can set up how fast you want the page to scroll when you do that and while it might not be something you use all the time if you have to sort through a long document or an excel spreadsheet or anything like that, it’s actually useful and kind of a fun hardware feature far fit and comfort go there isn’t too much to say in regard everyone’s hands are different my I think are a little bigger than some.


I find the anywhere mouse a little bit small for day-to-day use and BMX master more comfortable, but again, I know everyone is different. Some people might consider the M. X. master to be a little big for their liking. Both of the mice are wireless low energy Bluetooth, with support for 3 separate computers like I mentioned earlier.


But if you’re into the little USB dongles, each house comes with one of those for a more reliable connection although.


I never had issues just using Bluetooth, and unfortunately, there’s no slot or compartment on the mice themselves to store the USB dongle.


So you have to carry it around separately and hope it doesn’t get lost if you use its battery life goes. Both mice have a really impressive 70-day maximum charge rechargeable through the micro USB port.


Now I haven’t even owned either mouse for 70 days, so the battery hasn’t died, and I can’t say much more than that, but it’s pretty impressive none less, mice alone have hardware overall Logitech’s options software is what really brings these products to the next level.


And then some with options you can literally customize every single button on the mice to do basically anything you want so for example if you want the side buttons to increase or decrease your laptop brightness 4 speaker sound or to play music or have the middle button capture a screenshot or open a folder or really anything else.


You can think of the possibilities are endless the software, in my opinion, really makes each of these mice worth the money with options like these. You can customize and optimize amounts to do what you want.


When you want with each button specifically set up how you like it, and Logitech offers they call flow with the flow, you can automatically move the mouse pointer from one computer to another without doing anything.


So if you have a desktop computer set up and want to use your laptop for a moment, you can use one mouse for both devices automatically and move between them. Unfortunately, it’s just the mouse pointer that moves.


You can’t drag and drop files or anything like that. However, it’s still a really awesome and handy feature like I mentioned in my time using both mice. I found the Amex master to be a bit more suited for me. The bigger chunk of hardware fits my hand more comfortably. The additional side scroll wheel is something.


I utilize it pretty often. With that being said, the M. X. anywhere is still a great mouse overall jam-packed with 95 percent of the features of a master house for a little cheaper price. With all that being said, though, these are still fairly expensive products.


However, I think the combination of Logitech’s options software with great hardware the mice brings everything together and makes these a great pair of products on all are they for the everyday consumer? Probably not, but for someone.


Who wants to get more out of their mouths and have endless customization options as far buttons and functionality go? I think these are pretty much the best you can get, and by the way.


I’m in case anyone was wondering about the mouse pad. These guys are sitting on the terms the craps because they make more than just skins and only going down in the description for 5 Bucks off order.


Suppose you want to check that out, so please, guys, enjoy this article. Let me know what you think of the Logitech and ex master and Amex anywhere to S. mice and let me know what amounts you rock on your own setup, and I’ll see you guys later.


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