LG G7 ThinQ Review 45 Days Later/Cover By Mohid

LG G7 ThinQ Review 45 Days Later
I've had mine for about the last 45 days, and I honestly have 0 complaints if you've been subscribing to my channel for a while.You know I was closet

What’s going on, guys? so this is the LG G. 7. Thank you, and stupid name aside, a perfect phone.


I’ve had mine for about the last 45 days, and I honestly have 0 complaints if you’ve been subscribing to my channel for a while. You know I was a closet L. G. fan last year; I praise the G. 6 the best phone that no one would buy.


And I need to give that title to the G. 7 again this year. L. G. makes a solid smartphone, and anyone who does buy this device will be more than happy with it.


But there’s a combination of factors that continue to hurt L. G. as a brand. That ultimately means far fewer sales than LG deserves on its own the G. 7 checks all the necessary boxes that are allowed to be called a proper flagship device with a few special bonus features.


That not only differentiated in a crowded market space but also tend to go unnoticed by the masses.


It’s a phone that looks and feels very premium. It’s super lightweight at the same time still retains a fantastic all-glass design that is the standard for 2018. Yes, technically, it isn’t as impressive as other phones, but a majority of people wouldn’t be able to tell the difference anyway.


The I. P. S. panel is bowled with good color accuracy, and LG says that sticking with this panel allows them to introduce a new super-bright mode. This unique feature will enable to boost the screen brightness beyond its maximum for a few minutes, which is especially helpful outside.


You’ll have to take my word for it because the camera doesn’t do it justice. It is ridiculously bright. It packs all the proper specs that allow it to have a silky smooth user experience.


I mean, sure, it packs only 6 gigabytes of ram. All other phones ship with eight servicing. Nobody even utilizes 8 gigs of ram on a smartphone right now anyways. However, all still admit that LG’s android you why is actual; this isn’t the device for the android purist.


It’s not like it’s God awful. It’s wonderful.


I know many people prefer another feature unique to the G. 7 because a wide-angle camera sure the rear camera a whole isn’t necessarily a top 5 shooter, and the front camera probably isn’t even on the whole ten lists.


But you have no idea how unbelievably helpful or wide-angle lenses until you start using them.


I hope LG continues to stick with this camera setup capturing nearly an entire cityscape with one click like this is pretty cool on the camera’s topic. The whole thing queue name sort of revolves around LG’s A. I. in the camera app.


I did an entire video dedicated to this feature that all link in a card on-screen, let’s say that it isn’t a groundbreaking feature LG wants it to be, and branding the entire device with that then Q. artificial intelligence name is a stretch.


While the A. I. might fall flat, one other particular area of this smartphone that I’m surprised LG doesn’t talk more about is its audio in a world of dongles. LG continues to retain the headphone Jack, and that’s a big plus by itself.


But LG goes above and beyond by offering hi-fi audio through a quad dak, and basically, what that means is you can plug in a premium pair of professional headphones directly into this phone and get a listening experience. No other device even comes close to offering, beyond that, LG created a unique external speaker set up.


When you place the phone on a hard flat surface, the entire chassis axes an echo chamber blasting the audio louder. And more special than pretty much another phone, and for the average consumer, these audio features could be a decent selling point for the phone even retains a rear fingerprint sensor. Just for the heck of it, and with all that, it’s safe to say that there isn’t anything that this device lacks is a premium phone with premium backs that has excellent battery life and all the top-notch features. The main problem here isn’t with the device itself at all.


It is simply with L. G.. X. cycle is off for one of the launch phones in between other flagship devices like the iPhone and asinine, everybody has the following new phone by the time these come out. LG prices their machines a little too high.


The company makes up for that by offering a buy one get one free offer, which ultimately ends up killing the phone’s value since people resell the extra ones.


You can get this device a 2-month-old flagship for basically half off on places like swappa and eBay, and that’s insane doesn’t happen with the iPhone or even the Samsung phones ensure.


You could argue that LG’s boot loop episode with the previous phones has left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, but given that the last few devices have been solid, I think it’s time we finally get past that all in all, though.


I am a massive fan of the G. 7 a device by itself. I wish LG straighten things up a bit a company; I think they have a good product. It tends to go unnoticed, and it’s their fall in the end, so hopefully.


You guys enjoy this article. Let me know what you guys think of the G. 7 in the comments below. and I’ll see you guys later.


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