Apple Pencil Unboxing And Review/Cover By Mohid

Apple Pencil Unboxing And Review
We'll go ahead and cut into the plastic, tear it open, slide the box out underneath the design by Apple in California pouch, we see the apple pencil itself will pull it out and send it to the side for just a second inside the bag here.

What’s going on, guys? and say we checking out the new apple pencil, probably one of the most complicated items to get right now and the most exciting accessory Apple has put out in a while.


I’ve been waiting forever to get my hands on this spot further do. Let’s go ahead and check it out, so first things first, taking a look at the outside the box, we see a picture of the apple pencil on the back.


Just some product information and a diagram on how to charge it, and on the box’s side are just the apple pencil logo.


We’ll go ahead and cut into the plastic, tear it open, slide the box out underneath the design by Apple in California pouch, we see the apple pencil itself will pull it out and send it to the side for just a second inside the bag here.


We have many essential things. The first is a flash of lightning to lightning adapter piece that allows you to charge the apple pencil with a lightning cable rather than sticking it into the iPad every time.


You get a second replacement tip of the pencil, of course. You get a couple of literature and peeling off the last bit of plastic crap. Here is the new apple pencil taking a look around.


You’ll see we have the apple pencil logo etched into that shiny metal band at the top number 8, the top cap, and you’ll find the lightning connector for setting up the pencil and charging it to it is magnetic and if it’s on top, pretty since.


You don’t have to worry about it falling off. The apple pencil’s tip is a soft plastic material. They’re able to unscrew entirely off. It’s time to replace the advice. The apple pencil is about long as a newly sharpened regular pencil, but it does have quite a bit of weight. The wait feels good. It feels like a solid quality product.


It might take some getting used to the pencil’s shiny plastic finish is pretty slippery, which does take some getting used to, setting up the apple pencil for the first time on your iPad Pro is straightforward. Just stick.


The lightning connector into the lightning port on the iPad. After waiting for a second, you should get a pop-up asking you to parrot. After clicking pair, you’re good to go, and the apple pencil is fully set up and ready to use.


Now, if you’ve ever used a stylus on another device before and this is pretty much the same thing, you can use it to tap and touch on things instead of using your finger and, of course, draw and write notes, what? Makes.


The apple pencil is unique in the fact it can recognize different degrees of pressure and angles.


When you’re drawing and writing, for example, the. Apple pencil can differentiate when you’re pressing lightly or pressing down hard aligned you make will really show that difference using a pencil, a pen marker paintbrush, or really anything else.


You have the ability to shape by tilting the pencil bit, just if you’re shooting with a normal pencil shading is probably the thing that impresses me the most with the apple pencil simply because it works well.


The lines textures to create look pretty much life-like now. All the drawing and writing I’m doing in this video is strictly done through the standard notes app in iOS just because I wanted this video to showcase.


The average user experience with the apple pencil, if you’re looking for an artist viewpoint or a really in-depth demo utilizing industry-leading apps, I personally didn’t feel like I was qualified to do such a demo, but hopefully, this gives.


You a decent idea of what to expect. That’s not to say I didn’t give it a try with taking some time to attempt to draw something with a little more care in detail, but really I just wanted to see precise.


I could get with the apple pencil, and please don’t take my crappy drawing as anything more than just a crappy drawing. Someone with a lot more town could utilize apple pencil way better than I ever could. I think a lot of average non our users will only use.


The apple pencil to jot down notes and things and for that purpose apple pencil gets the job done. It feels different than if you’re writing on paper, of course, so that you might be a little messier than usual, and contrary to what Apple says, there is a bit of lag between with a pencil tip is and where your line is, but it’s not too bad at all in the simplest terms.


The apple pencil is a decent stylistic gets the job done, but it does have some drawbacks. First, there’s no place to put it. It doesn’t attach to the iPad or anything like the stylus on the Microsoft surface.


So you’re basically stuck just carrying around or trying to find a place for it charging it by sticking it in the lightning port like this is really weird. Still, at least you can connect it to a lightning cable if you wanted to, and of course, the apple pencil doesn’t work with other devices aside from the iPad pro.


So you can’t use it on the iPhone or even the iPad Air or iPad mini. In general, I would say the apple pencil does exactly what it’s advertised to do. It’s a really capable high and a stylus that works really like a great build quality it’s $99.


I know of house majority people don’t need one or won’t ever use. One, if you really want to jot down notes, there are some cheaper styluses available.


But I guess if you really want to use the iPad pro as an art or drawing tablet, the apple pencil is your best bet.


So hopefully, you guys enjoy this video. Definitely let me know what you think of the apple pencil in the comments below,and I’ll see you guys later.


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