Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case/Cover By Mohid

Apple iPhone 6S Smart Battery Case
This case is not cheap too. Let's go ahead and take a look at both color options and see what it has to offer, first things are first taking a look at the outside of the boxes.

Today we are checking out apple’s new smart battery case for the iPhone 6 and 6 S.


This is a fully integrated battery case that offers an 1870 7000000 hour battery built right in for increased talk time up to 2005 hours, 18 hours of increased internet use, and 20 hours of improved video playback for 99 Bucks.


This case is not cheap too. Let’s go ahead and take a look at both color options and see what it has to offer, first things are first taking a look at the outside of the boxes. We see a nice picture of the battery cases on the front showing off bump presumably the battery is housed inside the case on the back.


We have info showing that it’s compatible with the 6 and 6 S. and iOS 9.1 or later, so we’ll start with a charcoal gray color variant first and slide it out of the box will be pulled out and. Of course, the noticeable thing right off the bat is that the battery bump on the back of the case will flip around inside the topic itself.


You’ll find 3 pieces of documentation, including a picture of how to put your phone in a user guide and some legal info next.


We’ll just quickly unbox the white 1 here, sign it right out of the package and pull it out, and then you can see that bright white finish. The charcoal gray and white are the only two color options apple offers, so you wanted something to match your gold or rose gold iPhone.


You ought to look for a different 3rd-party case taking a closer look at the inside of the smart battery case.


You’ll find a soft microfiber material that protects your iPhone from scratch the case and when you slide the suit on and off on the bottom.


You’ll find the lightning connector that plugs directly into your iPhone a small hole for the microphone. A cut out for the speaker sounds outward-facing you the small. Above the lightning port, the text is an LED indicator that shines on the plugged-in and charging case.


I don’t see what that looks like. Just a bit on the bottom, you’ll find the lightning connector for charging the case.


This is different from other third-party cases require micro USB annex a which is the headphone Jack which is pretty recess, so a lot of headphones, unfortunately, won’t fit in on.


On the left, we have a covered area for the volume buttons and a cutout for the silent ringer switch on the right. The power button is covered and on the back.


You’ll see a cutout for the camera and the apple logo sitting right in the middle of the large battery bump, which is pretty on-site.


Lee, unfortunately, the entire case is a soft silicone material, just apple’s standard silicone cases. What’s unique about the battery case is at the top is remarkably flexible.


This allows you to pull it back a bit and slide your iPhone right. If it’s pretty nicely and doesn’t require too much force and with the case on, your iPhone will automatically start charging since this is an accessory directly from apple, iOS is integrated with it a bit.


And you’ll notice a new second battery indicator on the lock screen for the case, the case is also listed under batteries in the notification center, so it’s a pretty nice touch. The case doesn’t add too much weight bulk to your hand.


But like other battery cases, you have a little bit of extra real estate on the bottom edge of the phone, but it’s not too bad at all. The battery bump on the back of the case is a little awkward, and you feel it in your hand when you’re using the phone.


I guess it’s a little extra to hold on to if anything, but it just adds a little more thickness bulk to your phone. Necessary, I can appreciate you can charge case directly via a lightning cable instead of micro USB like all the other third-party cases. As I mentioned earlier, the LED indicator signifies.


That its charging is on the inside of the case, so it doesn’t make much sense. In general, I can appreciate the fact that Apple decided to release a battery case at all. They’re acknowledging that battery life on their iPhone 6 and 6 S. is not ideal and offer a little bit of a solution to the problem.


But the disappointing thing about the case, aside from the fact that it costs $99 or all its drawbacks, it’s only 1870 7000000 hours and can only charge your phone about 80 percent from a dead battery. There’s no way to turn the case on or off.


You can’t save it for later. It’s always charging the phone. There’s no headphone extender include either, so if you have headphones with a plug that doesn’t fit, you’re sort of out of luck, and the design as a whole is just kind of awkward.


I honestly would’ve expected apple to design a case hit the battery made everything flush like the movie case’s intelligent battery case is unapologetically advertised. The iPhone success is rocking a battery case, admitting that strapping an extra battery is needed, the seemingly thoughtless design.


I think this is why most people are a little put off by the case, so you guys enjoyed this article, thing. Let me know what you think of the apple intelligent battery case in common. and I’ll see you guys later.


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