Best 3D Printer in 2020 – Top & Professional

Best 3D Printer in 2020 - Top & Professional
Best 3D Printer in 2020 - Top & Professional

hey, guys, it’s Cory with 10 best ones and today we’ve decided to review the five best options for you we’ve ranked these products based on many hours of research

and testing and we’ve picked the five best models if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links in the description

down below first, we’ll discuss what you should look at before buying then we’ll look at the five best fixes to make it easier will include timestamps in the description

let’s get started before looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying the most important thing you have to

know before buying a 3d printer is what you want to print and why you want to print in 3d for example if you’re a consumer that wants to print

some house decorations or some toys you’ll need a different 3d printer than architect designer or engineer that needs to create prototypes with complicated schemes even some small manufacturers have

started to use these devices for small jobs the best 3d printer depends on how you plan to use it and what it does need to do for you if

you buy it for home use you probably will need something that’s easy to use and doesn’t require complicated maintenance while delivering good printing quality on the other hand professionals

might need more colors different filament types and outstanding quality secondly object size the other thing is the size of the objects you want to print based on that you

can check out what printers you have at your disposal the workspace of a 3d printer will give you a good idea of what size objects you can print you

can’t expect really big objects with consumer-based 3d printers but then again some large printers can’t do that most 3d printers in the market have an area spanning six

to nine inches square but there are also exceptions smaller and larger and thirdly materials the majority of the printers in the low price range use a technique called F

F F which uses plastic filaments that are melted and extruded on an object to create the shape there are two common filament types or materials the Crillon I trial

butadiene styrene or ABS and polylactic acid PLA ABS melts at a higher temperature and is more flexible but it melts a bit unpleasant also it requires a heated

print bed PLA prints look a bit more refined and smoother but a fragile overall there are millions of other materials used such as HR PSP VAP e TT PTT

PE and many more if you’re looking for a model that’s easy to use then you should take a look at this next one the first 3d printer on our

the list is none other than any cubic photon s this printer is one of the easiest ones to use and comes at a pretty affordable price the any

cubic photon s deliver some incredible print qualities works with 4:05 um resin it powers up instantly and so much more making it one of the fan favorites in the

the market for the price you’ll unquestionably be pleased with its performance any cubic photon s is a pretty simple device overall with just some moving parts in its body

the whole thing measures 200 by 220 by 400 millimeters in total and will take up little space on your workshop and even your PC desk it has a small

LCD touchscreen on the front which will help you get the hang of its settings I have to say that the interface is rather smooth and easy to work with

above the aforementioned screen, there are the main mechanics of the device which stay closed behind the protective door you can transfer your files to the printer via a USB

cable or with the eight gigabyte USB stick drive that comes in the package inside the USB there’s a soulful print that’ll show you the quality of it overall the

build area has a large hinged door that when you open it you’ll see the platform and the resin bath it’s a DLP printer unlike all other printers in this

category the resin bath can be quickly released before the first print you have to go through the calibration process that’s pretty clearly stated than the instructions and very easy

to do I was extremely impressed with any cubic photo on software that’s very easy to understand and use you can put all your models in the USB and

then when you connect it to the machine you can select whichever you want from the interface the prince went on quite smoothly without any hitch and during testing they

were pretty much excellent overall the 2k LCD screen delivers enough detail to put out a great print quality and everyone will be impressed with it even an absolute beginner

if you’re a beginner then you’ll love this next model it’s the best option for all beginners for a 3d printer to be good for beginners it needs to have

an interesting mix of qualities which include affordable price ease of use and convenience the flash forge finder has them all it’s one of the quietest printers out there delivers great

print as a reasonable price connects via Wi-Fi cable or a thumb drive and despite having some drawbacks

about 100 microns so you can print some extremely detailed models the printing process of the device can be controlled for the PC through a USB all from g-code files

that are stored on the micro SD card the initial setup of the Congo Cree allottee and the three might be a bit confusing since it doesn’t either come as

a fully constructed package nor a fully disassembled one the complicated parts are pre-assembled from the factory and you have to finish the frame which can be done easily

from the instructions, it will take you some time but it can be done quite easily with the end of three you’ll find the cure a 3.0 point 2 software

but you can update it to the latest version of it online for free I like printing from PC as it has some advantages such as monitoring the temperature or

adding some extra G code there are different printing speeds with the device depending on the quality the output but overall it’s good for the price it comes at I

want to state that the quality of the print was nice as well and I’m pleased with this device overall before we talk about the best model overall let’s look

at the runner-up for this list the runner-up on this list is one of the most impressive 3d printers in the market the artillery Sidewinder x1 this is an upgraded

the version of an imperfect device its predecessor was but it responded well to user feedback and now it’s the favorite printer of so many people from home users to more

demanding people let’s take a closer look I have to say that the artillery Sidewinder x1 is a pretty large 3d printer that measures about twenty-one point six by

fifteen points nine by thirty-four point two inches with a filament spool on it since it’s a large machine it can also print large objects and it has a

build volume that measures eleven points eight by eleven point eight by fifteen point seven inches which is amazing overall I have to say that the print quality is also

amazing since it goes down to a hundred microns and works with a wide variety of filaments including ABS tbu PLA and even PE TG just by looking at the

filament list you’ll see that the artillery Sidewinder x1 is a high-end device and as a true one its equipped with a heated glass print bed and power to heat

it rather quickly it also has rather quick print speed so you can boost things up when the need arises in most cases it provides about 50 millimeters per second

but you can still speed it up in terms of connectivity the options are very rich here as you can use Wi-Fi SD card and a USB stick to upload your

models to the device and then let them from the color touchscreen which on its own is very intuitive on top of all that the artillery Sidewinder x1 works very

quietly and that’s very surprising to see when you put it speed into the equation you can comfortably sleep in the same room while the artillery Sidewinder x1 is operating

the premium quality of this one can be seen in its construction as well for example its frame is made from the thick and sturdy aluminum with great cable management

features and everything looking pretty safe from our point of view extremely stable and may to last a lifetime finally the next model is the best overall from us it

gets a perfect score and all categories if you want the best 3d printer to support your hobby or get started with it I’d suggest the Dremel Digi lab 3d

xx this printer is one of the easiest to use and works with PLA only giving you plenty of ideas to work with without confusing anyone on top of that

print quality is amazing when I first tried 3d printing I was a little scared, to be honest cuz I watched a lot of YouTube videos and read through a

a lot of tutorials but still it wasn’t enough until I tried the Dremel DG lamps 3d 20 which was educational as a whole and thanks to its preset 3d models

you can get going instantly the Dremel Digi lab 3d 20 also comes fully assembled right out of the box and in the package, you’ll spot the manual Quick Start

Guide power cable USB cable SD card a tremble filament spool build tape and leveling sheet complete with the tools this means you’re ready to go instantly the Dremel Digi

lab 3d 20 works by the fused deposit modeling method but a lot of printers used these days the interactive operating interface consists of just a touchscreen display that gives

you plenty of information about the process and allows you to control the process this 3d printer has a build capacity that measures 230 by 150 by 114 millimeters which

is more than enough for hobbyists it has a plastic heat pad that needs to be adjusted manually but it’s better that way since you’re talked about the basics of

3d printing it has a single extruder that heats the filament to 230 degrees Celsius and has a speed of 100 millimeters per second with a great resolution of a

a hundred microns it works flawlessly with a Dremel software but you can also use the simplify 3d which is amazing in its own right no significant disadvantages establishing itself as


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