Metal, Gold, Coins! Best Metal Detectors in 2020

Metal, Gold, Coins! Best Metal Detectors in 2020
Metal, Gold, Coins! Best Metal Detectors in 2020

when it comes to buying the right products there’s a lot to look out for that’s why today we’ve picked and reviewed the five best models for you we’ve spent

many hours researching these products and we’ve ranked them by many different factors such as price-quality durability performance and more you can see their prices and find out more

information about these products by using the links in the description down below to make it easier we will include timestamps there in the description let’s not waste any more

time and get started with the video before looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying the first thing

you have to decide before buying a metal detector is the purpose you’re going to use it for it will make a difference as different metal detectors deliver differently

distinct qualities that make them better for one task or another mostly there are metal detectors that are used for treasure hunting for gold or relics however you’ll find options

out there that are better suited for security purposes around your workshop for example on top of that you should consider how much time you’ll spend with your new metal

detector and your knowledge about these devices secondly budget before going shopping for these devices it’s always better to set a budget for your new metal detector how much can

you afford to pay and is it feasible to spend that much money on it this again connects with the last section you’ll have to ask yourself how much time

you’ll have to spend with your new detector also you should be realistic about your skill level and if you’re a beginner I wouldn’t recommend spending a lot of money

on a new metal detector because it might not be the right thing for you besides the metal detector itself you’ll need to invest in some accessories as well such

as gloves digging tools, protective covers for your search coil and so on it’s better to read about articles that tell you how to get into this hobby before buying

a metal detector and thirdly tech and features I can comfortably say that there are some pretty good metal detectors out there with very basic features and functions that make

them very easy to use on the other hand some interesting models have tons of features that can be more specific or general depending on your needs while the latter

might sound pretty cool or that’s not always the case because beginners can’t utilize the full capability of them so for that reason if you’re just starting it’s better to

stick with simple and basic metal detectors if you’re a beginner then you’ll love this next model it’s the best option for all beginners we’re gonna start our list with

an excellent option coming in the Fisher f-22 this is also the best option for beginners that need a good all-purpose metal detector that’s easy to use but can deliver

performance even for more advanced users it’s a great upgrade over the Fisher f2 which was already excellent but the f-22 has hit the sweet spot if you know the

Fisher f2 you’ll see that the Fisher f-22 has changed all around and it’s very easy to tell just from the first glance of the device I should mention that

just the control panel alone gives a different first impression and tells you that this one is way more advanced the controls of the device are pretty simple as the

buttons comprised of power menu pinpoint mode and minus buttons to help you choose the settings you need there are a total of four preset modes which include jewelry

coin artifacts and custom mode all of which work rather well and deliver a passable performance this method detector is very powerful and it can identify 99 different types of

nickels gold and much more it also delivers precision and accuracy in terms of location and also size it works well with different targets and for different purposes –

worth investing in especially for beginners we are going to start this list with the best budget option that you can get your hands on the next option on

our list is the mine lab Xterra 305 which is the best entry-level model for those that don’t want to spend a lot of money but then again the company

has delivered some exceptional and highly respectable metal detectors throughout the years and the reviews have the same option about the mine lab Xterra 305 and if you pair it

with a decent DD coil it’s the very best in its range let’s check it out for my lab Xterra 305 has a pretty interesting design which is quite surprising

to see in such a device it comes with a red finish and black accents that are scattered around such as on the armrest and attachment a good looking

device over I should mention that this device is waterproof down to one meter but then again just the bottom part, not the whole device I want to state that

the whole thing weighs about 2.9 pounds in total and it’s attached to a nine-inch concentric coil you’ll receive the mine lab Xterra 305 disassembled and you have to assemble

it yourself the whole setup process is quite easy and it can be done in just a few minutes just take a look at the user manual for the instructions

the control panel is also very well put together and it’s rather simple to operate the LCD is very clear

even for hunters, it has an analog meter on the front which shows the strength of the signal and after a while, you’ll know intuitively the depth and the size

of the object, it’s not the lightest detector around though as it weighs around 4.2 pounds but then again neither the heaviest as I said there are just two knobs

on the device and just one button, the knobs consist of the sensitivity knob and the discrimination knob and lastly, the button is the search more button, not the most

customizable or complex control panel but for its price, it’s just amazing the 8-inch concentric search coil is also waterproof but you can upgrade to a DD coil for

better performance next up we have the highest-end model that you can get your hands on it costs more than the rest but it does do its job extremely

well the next entry on our list is the super high-end high-performance metal detector the mine lab CTX 3030 this metal detector is for those that want amazing

performance and no compromise overall as it has great wireless audio flawless target separation GPS color display and so extremely advanced features that include the FPS multi-frequency technology the

mine lab CTX 3030 is a super expensive and so for that reason our standards are higher for it yet it still doesn’t disappoint with its well-balanced body that’s

durable and has great craftsmanship it has a grey and black color on its body with a matte finish on its stem that delivers a great performance the stem measures

37 inches at first but can be extended up to 55 points 3 inches so you can adjust it to your needs the mine lab CTX 3030 comes with a

the dedicated lithium-ion battery pack that’s also rechargeable meaning you won’t need to buy new batteries every time I have to state that my lab CTX 3030 weighs 5.2 pounds

though but that was expected when you see how many features the device has packed in it it’s pretty balanced though and it won’t tire your arms out at all

comfort levels are sky-high and you can go all day with it I should state that the detector is waterproof down to three-point three meters of depth which

is great the headphones that come with the device are not waterproof though the mine lab CTX 3030 is based around a multi-frequency VLF detector and the 11 inch

DD search coil that is amazing this device combines the frequencies between 1.5 to 100 kilohertz to find your targets effectively even at a pretty deep range this alone makes

it much better than anything out there on top of that it’s much faster and has tons of search modes such as coins Beach relics silver and high trash but

the custom mode works perfectly as well and you can adjust anything to your needs finally the next model is the best overall from us it gets a perfect score

in all categories on top of the list we have the Garrett 80 pro which is one of the most popular and better-made metal detectors in the market this

one is the best overall as it brings the balance between price and performance it delivers interesting features such as notch discrimination manual and auto ground balance pinpoints mode and

numerical target ID the Garrett 80 pro is placed around a VLF metal detector that’s designed to be an all-purpose machine that’s powered by four double-A batteries the 80

on the name of the device stands for all-terrain and it’s built like that overall a rugged machine with a super durable exterior that’ll help you go hunting anywhere you

want on top of that it requires very little maintenance as I said the Garrett 80 pro is an all-purpose metal detector but it’s better suited for coins relics and

jewelry now whether it can do a great job at gold as well with its 15-kilohertz frequency and ground balance settings this detector is packed with an 8.5 by

11 inch DD performance coil that works wonders at target separation and depth especially for a stock coil it’s also fully waterproof to about 10 feet of depth and it

goes on to prove itself as a super versatile Beast the higher frequency of this detector makes it great at detecting smaller targets and delivers better target separation there are

also, two audio modes that can be used pro and standard which can be used with three search modes that the device provides on the screen of the device you

will also spot the numerical target ID which delivers accurate information about the con position of your target the very best overall a must consider


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