For Pets, Dust & AllergiesBest Air Purifier

For Pets, Dust & AllergiesBest Air Purifier
For Pets, Dust & AllergiesBest Air Purifier

hey, guys, it’s Cory with 10 best ones and today we’ve decided to review the five best options for you we’ve ranked these products based on many hours of research

and testing and we’ve picked the five best models if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links in the description

down below first, we’ll discuss what you should look at before buying then we’ll look at the five best fixes to make it easier will include timestamps in the description

let’s get started before looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying before looking at our best picks for

today’s the video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying an air purifier for your house or office you need to determine the size the

room your plan and using it in, for example, there are small and portable devices that are designed for small brooms I won’t do a good job in a large

living space, on the other hand, are pretty powerful air purifier maybe a little too much for your bedroom there’s a metric here that’ll help you out it’s called air

changes per hour and it’s present on each air purifier but before you do anything measure out your room roughly to determine just how much you need secondly types of

pollutants like you might have expected there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to air purifiers and different purifiers are designed to better handle some types of pollutants than others

for example, if there’s a smoker in your house you will need a different device from someone who owns multiple pets there are also plenty of ratings on how different

purifiers filter different pollutants from different sizes so check the ratings and read reviews to get a better idea of what the air purifier in question does right and thirdly

cadr rating this is one of the most important metrics you’ll see in any given air purifier the clean air delivery rating cadr for short it’s not just a specification

that manufacturers decide for themselves as it’s coming from the association of home appliance manufacturers this is done so you as the consumer can understand easily how effective the device

is at filtering pollutants in room size, for example, let’s say that an air purifier has a cadr of 100 for pollen this tells you that the purifier can reduce

the concentration of pollen by adding 200 cubic feet of fresh air per minute the higher the number the larger the area it can operate so it’s one stat that

you should check extensively we are going to start this list with the best budget option that you can get your hands on we’re gonna kick off this list with

an air purifier that delivers a decent performance but has a pretty low price tag the home labs air purifier there are a lot of budget air purifiers out there

however, this one is an exceptional model as you’ll see it’s very popular very portable beautifully designed provides true at the power and can be placed on your nightstand without any

worry so let’s take a closer look in terms of design the home labs air purifier has a pretty generic one that’s on most of the compact air purifiers out

there it’s actually like an imitation of the device that we’ll talk about in the next entry but the company has done a pretty good job it’s a nice dimension

and it looks pretty clean overall on the top you’ll locate the control panel of the device rides in the middle of the air outlet that makes it look super

clean and aesthetically pleasing it has a true bottom to top airflow system that works rather well with the air inlet from the bottom the biggest selling point of the

home labs air purifier is that it has the h13 true HEPA filter that’s so rare in this price point on top of that he has a three-stage air cleaning

the system first there’s the pre-filter that eliminates and captures larger particles such as dust lint and hair besides that it extends the life of the HEPA filter then comes the

HEPA filter which is the core element of this purifier that filter is capable of removing 99.97% of 0.3 microns effectively but a true h13 HEPA filter goes down to

0.1-micron particles then come to the activated carbon filter that reduces the odors such as pets smoking and even cooking my test at the home labs air purifier extensively and

it delivers a great performance it has a cadr a 50 CFM which is pretty good for smaller rooms what it can get a little noisy in general I think

this is a perfect choice for budget shoppers if you’re looking for a compact model then this next option is what you’re looking for coming up next on our list

we have the Lavoie LVH 132 an affordable and compact air purifier that the previous entry is based on actually this one delivers the same great performance with a similar

design and it does it just excellently however it has some and it features and it’s essentially the original with a cheaper filter price beautiful looks small footprint lightweight body

and quiet operation among everything else they’ll avoid LVH one three two has a very modern and minimal design that many devices at this price point are based on however

it was even working at the low speed setting the medium and high-speed settings are also not now by any means and you can sleep with a device on

and it won’t disturb you at all that being said I have to admit that this is a great air purifier for your bedroom children’s bedroom and nursery rooms but

it won’t deliver enough performance for let’s say a living room then again it is one of the best for smaller rooms moving on we have the best model under

the $100 price tag winix has delivered some excellent air purifiers throughout the years but the Winx 5502 is one of the best ones the company has ever made it’s

extremely impressive as it delivers superb performance with an extensive list of features that come at a low price it is well built has all the qualities you may want

from an air purifier and it won’t leave you down when it comes to delivering you healthy air I have to say that the Winx 5502 is a well-designed air

purifier’s modern and very aesthetically pleasing in our standard dimensions though for an air purifier of its category despite being much larger than the other two models we talked

about earlier this one measures fifteen by twenty-three point six by eight point two inches in total and weighs about fifteen point four pounds on the front top edge

of the winix 5502, you’ll spot the control panel that sits at a slight edge to make it more accessible while standing there are five buttons on the panel that

include the on/off switch mode plasma-wave fan speed and timer there are also a total of eleven indicator lights that tell you about the status of the device it works

very well and it’s very easy to use for almost anyone the settings are easy to comprehend for example the timer or the speeds for purifying purposes the winix 5502

has plenty going on including the four-stage filtration with plasma wave technology for total speeds auto and sleep modes odor or light sensor and much more I should mention

that the winix 5500 2 is declared ozone-safe and is certified by carb a ham and Energy Star the Winx 5500 2 has an air-purifying coverage of 360

square feet with two air changes the airflow delivery rate spans from 53 to 226 pretty good CFM and the cadr rating spans from 232 to 246 for

dust smoke and pollen great overall no weak points for the price if you’re after a larger option then this next model will be perfect for you coming up next

on our list, we have an air purifier that’s a perfect option for delivering adequate performance for larger rooms the blue air blue pure 211 this one is one of

the most advanced ones out there yet it’s still extremely easy to use it’s stylish but not just a pretty face a fan favorite with all the features that it

delivers the blue air blue pure comes with a brand new design that wasn’t present in other devices in the company’s lineup but it has some design cues that it’s

taken from its predecessors so you know you’re dealing with a blue air device compared to its predecessor the blue air blue pur has a shorter size with about 20

inches of height whereas its predecessor the blue pur one-to-one was 28 inches it also has a smaller footprint and as much lighter things that make it more accessible overall

the blue air blue pur has a large fabric pre-filter that’s also pretty pleasing in terms of design and it comes in different colors to utilize some interesting features such

as the 360-degree air intake my favorite thing about the blue air blue pure it is that it has just a single button for an operation just press it and

you’re ready to go I love this feature about this device since you don’t need to set anything up however some users complain about the lack of customization for air

cleaning purposes the blue air blue pur is packed with a three-stage filtering system with a pre-filter that’s washable and vacuum oval particle filter that uses a polypropylene fabric and

the activated carbon filter for smells and odors while some might think that the blue air blue puris at a disadvantage due to lack in the true HEPA filter

it is pretty good actually as for coverage the blue air blue pur can purify the air and rooms of up to 540 square feet which is amazing and has

the cadr rating of 350 for dust smoke and pollen which is better than most out there finally the next model is the best overall from us it gets a

perfect score in all categories we’ve seen some good air purifiers on this list and now it’s the time to see the best one out there the co way AP



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