Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in 2020

Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in 2020
Best Budget Bluetooth Speaker in 2020

hey, guys, it’s Cory with 10 best ones and today we’ve decided to review the five best options for you we’ve ranked these products based on many hours of research

and testing and we’ve picked the five best models if you’d like to see their price and find out more information you can check out the links in the description

down below first, we’ll discuss what you should look at before buying then we’ll look at the five best fixes to make it easier will include timestamps in the description

let’s get started before looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying budget blue to speak is a very

interesting animal since there are a lot of them in the market and everyone can find one for themselves the most important feature in the budget range in my opinion

is the portability since most of us buy these devices for our trips or vacations it’s nice having some of your favorite tunes pumping when you’re sunbathing on the beach

or while you’re hiking in nature for that reason I try to list the dimensions shape and weight of every Bluetooth speaker I review so you know if it’s feasible

to get and pack it in your backpack or luggage there are some super-portable Bluetooth speakers in the budget range that deliver excellent performance secondly audio quality I don’t

think that anyone would settle buying a Bluetooth speaker even a super affordable one if it didn’t deliver a good sound quality for that reason I suggest everyone that can’t

test sound devices in-person read extensive reviews from trusted sources and watch demonstration videos however some specifications can give you some hints about the sound quality of a certain

the device, for example, the output power measured in watts is a great indicator of whether a speaker can deliver enough sound the other one is the frequency response range which

is measured in hertz this is a good one since it will show you the sound capability of the speaker in addition to that impotence and channels can be signs

of the quality of a Bluetooth speaker and thirdly battery life the other two factors are void if the battery life of your Bluetooth speaker is poor what’s the point

of having great sound quality in a portable device if the battery life is poor and it’ll shut down are an hour of playback for that reason pay great attention

to the battery life and the features that drain the battery life faster and while you’re at it check the charging times if you want a model for outdoor use

then this next pick is a great option we’re gonna kick off this list with an excellent affordable Bluetooth speaker that will deliver an excellent value for the price the

AMS sport – this is also the best Bluetooth speaker in the category for those that spend a little more time outdoors it has all the durability specs that you

could need and on top of that it has good sound quality battery life and so much more let’s check it out in terms of design and looks the a/o

Massport – looks like a smaller retro boombox of the 90s it’s pretty good in my opinion as it combines a black body with some bright orange details to give

it a playful vibe it’s a speaker that’s designed for more energetic people it has a good combination of retro and contemporary the rubberized exterior with a metal grill on

the body gives a nice look to it on top of the device you’ll spot the six touch-sensitive buttons that have LED indicator lights underneath them on the left

the side you’ll spot a waterproof flap that covers the micro USB charging port and the aux port there are durable Bluetooth speakers out there and there’s the AMS port 2 which

is amazing besides its ipx7 rating for water and dust proofing it’s also shockproof and tested for such things I even tested it unintentionally as I accidentally knocked it off

the table to the concrete floor and it didn’t even show a scratch the best for outdoorsy people that are always out and about you’ll notice that the manufacturer

doesn’t provide any promise for the battery life which raised some concern so I decided to test it and it delivered about 10 hours of use without any compromise it

also charges completely in just three hours which is great for its price I should note that it has a microphone in it and it has NFC pairing besides Bluetooth

sound quality is better than I expected and it’s pretty large in terms of audio two drivers in it deliver 20 watts of power and the

the frequency was acceptable through all the range next up we have a model which gives you the best value for your money coming up next on our list we have

a Bluetooth speaker that will deliver you the most value for your money that does angle 3 this is a small speaker that will work wonders I’ve packed it in

my backpack as a just-in-case thing and it’s proved pretty useful since it has a great flattering iPhone my sound performance so let’s check this one out the un’s angle

3 is a pretty interestingly designed device that’s built to be used out and about the whole thing measures just 5 inches in length and it has an interesting shape

instead of having the traditional rectangular or cylindrical shape, it’s a triangular device that stands out I think the company has executed the design of this beast excellently it’s not

to you, on top of that, there are two volume buttons a button to turn off the microphone or Ron and a button to activate Alexa it’s about 3.9 inches

in diameter and just 1.7 inches tall a bit larger than the second-generation dot it also comes in six colors you can choose from more classic black to more

playful kids rainbow the echo dot also has a 3.5-millimeter audio jack Bluetooth connectivity and 802.11 AC Wi-Fi which is great overall the setup and implementation of your smart

home is also super easy the echo dot has a 1.1-inch speaker in its body that’s about double the size of its predecessor and it delivers a pleasant music

the listening experience something unbearable on its predecessor it has a full of bass and a more refined mid-range with Alexa you can adjust the equalizer settings rather quickly

and without any hassle either the device has seven microphones that allow you to use a lot of features for your smart home implementation one of the best moving

on we have the best model under the $100 price tag we already know that JBL is one of the best brands when it comes to delivering Bluetooth speakers and

this time around we’re going to take a look at the JBL Flip 3 which is the best option around under the $100 price it’s a great option for budget buyers

without any sacrifice just like its predecessor and many devices in the company’s lineup, the JBL Flip 3 has a cylindrical shape with angled ends and a mesh fabric covering

this device measures just 6 points 7 inches tall and has a diameter of 2.5 inches the grille that I mentioned covers the chilled 1.5-inch drivers that deliver a

great sound performance and each end of the device you’ll see the passive base radiators just like on most Bluetooth speakers from JBL it’s a great compact package this cylindrical

the speaker comes in 9 different colors that are all excellently implemented so you can choose the one that you liked the most on the device itself or you spot the

volume controls speakerphone and pairing buttons everything works intuitively and the power button and indicator for battery are very cleverly implemented the micro USB and aux port are covered with

a water-resistant flap and you can use it around pools and in the rain but you can’t fully submerge the speaker despite its small size the JBL flip 3 delivers

a great amount of sound especially in the bass department however the mids weren’t lacking either and the vocals and instruments came out excellently the battery life is about 12

hours long and it can be recharged rather quickly the best around finally the next model is the best overall from us it gets a perfect score in all

categories on top of this list we have the best Bluetooth speaker in the budget range the anchor sound cool – this is one of the best speakers in the

the market as it has all the bells and whistles to get you going it’s stylish has great build quality durability solid sound and large battery life I have to mention

that the anchor sound Core 2 has a very simple design yet it’s very aesthetically pleasing which is excellent especially for the budget range it has a matte rubber all

around its body that makes it durable and very easy to grip on the top, it has some buttons for control that include play volume up and down power and

Bluetooth button it also comes in three different colors you can choose from black red and blue on the side of the device you’ll see the flap that covers the

Orcs and charging port moving on the anchor sound cool to measure 6.5 by 2.1 by of 1.9 inches in total and weighs about 0.78 pounds it’s also durable as

it has the ipx7 rating and can survive accidental drops this device is backed with a Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity that allows seamless pairing no interruptions and a great range for

non-stop playing it’s packed with a 5200 mah cell that delivers about 24 hours of playback a superb sound experience with an appropriate frequency response range pleasing to listen to

great bass nice mids and sharp eyes the face-up technology is also great and I think that with all the combination of features you’ll have plenty of you


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