Portable Speakers Indoor Outdoors:Best Bluetooth

Portable Speakers Indoor Outdoors:Best Bluetooth
Portable Speakers Indoor Outdoors:Best Bluetooth

hey, guys, it’s Cory and welcomes back to another buying guide with ten best ones today we’ll talk about which are the five best picks how to choose the correct

product and what you should look at before buying we’ve ranked these products based on their price-quality durability performance and more if you’d like to see their price and

find out more information you can check out the links in the description down below to make it easier we will include timestamps in the description as well let’s get

started before looking at our best pics for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying the most important thing to note before buying any

kind of speaker and not just a Bluetooth one is the audio quality since that is its main purpose for that reason I would suggest you analyze carefully the speaker

that you want to buy read reviews and watch videos to see what it offers some specifications will give you a rough idea of what to

expect most important ones of those is the frequency response range that’s measured in hertz the low range is more important here so look for speakers that can go as

low as possible also check the total harmonic distortion if that metric is available for the public secondly battery life the battery life of the device you’re planning to buy

is crucial because after all, you are buying a Bluetooth speaker this is the whole point of these devices if you’ll have to connect it for charging every two hours

you’re better off with a normal speaker you should know that smaller speakers have normally smaller batteries but also smaller power outputs and battery life is not as poor as

you would expect larger speakers have super battery life though most of the time you’ll find some features in most speakers that can drain your battery faster so be careful

about that while you’re at it check how long it takes for the device to be charged from the drained battery to full and thirdly connectivity the first thing you

need to check out about the connectivity of a Bluetooth speaker is its Bluetooth version there are tons of them released and the latest is Bluetooth five which is pretty

good however that’s only available for the latest devices the other ones are pretty good as well I can comfortably say that every version from Bluetooth 2.1 and higher is

pretty good since they all use EDR or enhanced data rate technology some speakers can be connected to multiple speakers for example to create a stereo setup you’ll also find

NFC I’d like to start this list with the best budget option that you can get your hands on I’m going to kick off this list with an excellent product

coming in from Ankur the sound court – this is the best budget option in the market when it comes to Bluetooth speakers but for its budget price it delivers

great value and a lot more first off I should mention that it’s very stylish has amazing build quality delivering durability proper sound performance large battery life and other extras

I have to say that ANCA sound co2 is a pretty simple device in terms of design and aesthetics but I think it suits it pretty well it has a

plastic body all around with a control panel on top and the metal grille on the front side for those that find the black model boring you can opt for

the blue and red versions that are a bit more interesting on the side of the device you’ll spot a water-resistant flap which covers the charging and aux ports I

should mention that this device is rather portable as it measures 6.5 by 2 point 1 by 1.9 inches in total and weighs less than a pound at 0.78 pounds

it can be carried around anywhere it’s also pretty durable and has the ipx7 rating meaning it can survive against water and accidental drops this speaker is packed with a

latest Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity this feature allows it to have a seamless pairing and no interruptions at all the battery life of the device are also great as it’s backed

with a nice 5200 mah cell that provides 24 hours of playback which is amazing overall in terms of sound I can state that this thing is very engaging while

it isn’t the best in terms of quality it delivers plenty of clarity with nice mids and superb low-end performance the face-up technology delivers that through the pair of

6-watt speakers I can’t say that rhythmically it’s excellent and I have plenty of fun listening to music with this one someone that travels often then this bottle would

be perfect for you for those are the frequent traveler’s campers or outdoorsy I have the perfect Bluetooth speaker the ultimate ears 1 – boom – this Bluetooth speaker has

followed the footsteps of its predecessor carefully and made all the right upgrades to deliver the perfect Bluetooth speaker for outdoors this one delivers great sound larger battery life durability

and value for its price let’s take a quick look looking at the UE wander boom – and its predecessor side-by-side you won’t find many differences there are some though

for example, the new elastic strap attached to the device and the new color combinations available it’s available in Bermuda blue crushed ice grey deep space just peach and radical

red all of which are very attractive and deliver the playful vibe on the back you’ll see a flap that covers the micro USB charging port

we have a model which gives you the best value for your money if you want to get the most value for your hard-earned money I would suggest the

JBL charge 4 which is an absolute beast and one of the most iconic Bluetooth speakers ever made this one here is a great upgrade over its predecessor and it’s

liver some nice updates such as sound loudness waterproofing and so much more JBL knows how to deliver in this category the JBL charge 4 has the classic cylindrical body

that’s pretty much excellence and similar to its predecessor it’s an iconic design with the exposed woofers on the sides I was worried about damaging them but they’re pretty well

protected and that also adds a nice aesthetical vibe to it I should note that the JPL charge 4 comes in 10 different colors to choose from and all of

they are excellent you can just choose the one that fits your style the most on the backside you’ll find a silicon tool that covers the 3.5-millimeter port

USB type-c and USB type a port this means you can charge up your phone while still playing great music I sure note that this device also has the ipx7

certification rating for durability and as such it can be submerged in a meter of water up to 30 minutes the connectivity of this device is perfect as well thanks

to the Bluetooth 4.2 technology which is amazing the battery life of this speaker is about 20 hours that’s appropriate for it and on top of that it can be

charged rather quickly with a USB type-c port the JBL charge for managed to deliver a pretty pleasant sound performance for a Bluetooth speaker I liked it overall as it

handled sounds from all the frequency range rather appropriately it was a bit sweetened to deliver a warmer sound but it’s nice to listen to it not anything to complain

about and for the price it’s superb before we talk about the best model overall let’s look at the runner-up the next entry now the list is the JBL extreme 2

which is a great Bluetooth speaker if you want a large sound this is the second entry from JBL on our list and I can say that the company knows

how to make Bluetooth speakers this one though is an extreme device like its name implies a bit larger but with larger sound waterproof super durable and great value for

the price so let’s check it out the JBL extreme 2 comes in the classic cylindrical shape with some interesting bulges that feel familiar and new at the same time

it comes in five different colors so you can choose from simple black to more flamboyant camo color scheme this one here has rubberized feet in the bottom that keep

it from falling or rolling the whole thing measures about seven points nine by twelve point one by eighteen point one inches which is a bit large and it weighs

about five point three pounds very substantial to say the least however it has two loops that you can connect to it for easier transport you can toss it in

a backpack without any problem since it is extremely durable it also has the ib x7 rating which makes it is immersive all down to a meter for an hour

the battery life for this beast is about fifteen hours which is great for the volume it manages to pump out but it will vary if you choose to connect

wirelessly or passively and your volume levels will affect it too space is packed with 220-millimeter drivers that are located on the front of the unit and are

responsible for pushing the sound on each end of the speaker you’ll spot a 2.75-inch passive bass radiator that will deliver a proper bass experience mids are rather clean

in the highs were pretty good as well it’s a bit sweetened to deliver a more consumer-oriented sound and overall it is a beast next up we had the highest

in the model that you can get your hands on it costs more than the but it does do its job extremely well those that are looking for a superior and

high-end Bluetooth speaker I have the B&O Bo lit 17 it’s the top pick for this list this speaker delivers a great sound a wide soundstage has some excellent looks

great battery life and other high-end features that justify its premium price the B&O Bo late seventeen has a beautiful design just like any other design from Bang & Olufsen

and I was a different vibe to it unlike any other Bluetooth speaker around its familiar and pretty strange at the same time pleasing though overall around the device


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