Best Budget Monitors in 2020 Gaming, Productivity

Best Budget Monitors Gaming, Productivity
Best Budget Monitors Gaming, Productivity

the right products there’s a lot to look out for that’s why today we’ve picked and reviewed the five best models for you we’ve spent many hours researching these products

and we’ve ranked them by many different factors such as price-quality durability performance and more you can see their prices and find out more information about these products by

using the links in the description down below to make it easier we will include timestamps there in the description let’s not waste any more time and get started with

the video before looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying the most important thing when buying any monitor

and not just in the budget range is its size the screen size is measured diagonally from the corner to the other corner of the screen monitors come in different

sizes from 15 up to 34 inches in size the standard size is usually at 22 inches are normally a larger screen delivers more versatility and viewing angles however not

every time is larger better since you might lack the desk base to accommodate a 32-inch monitor another factor that ties in with the screen size is the aspect

the ratio in the past you’d find monitors with a 43 aspect ratio which were a little boxy but now the most popular is the 16 to 9 aspect ratio which

is the widescreen format on top of that you get the 21 to 9 Ultra widescreen format which is excellent but a bit more expensive secondly resolution after choosing the

the screen size of your next monitor you should choose the resolution of the screen refers to the number of pixels that are displayed at any given moment the

higher the better since it corresponds to more sharpness and detail there are 1080p full HD monitors which are the most popular especially in the budget range you can also

get 1440p monitors which are better in terms of sharpness than the format 4k is top of the crop in my opinion despite 5k and 8k monitor starting to circulate

the market but then again a 4k monitor will be significantly more expensive than 1080p and 1440p resolution panels Alford the panel type is a pretty important

the choice you need to make before buying a new monitor there are generally three-panel types out there which consist of twisted nematic vertical alignment and in-plane switching panels and

you’ll need to choose the one that fits your needs the most TN panels are the fastest and more dedicated to gamers because they sacrifice a few color IPS

panels, on the other hand, deliver better colors and better viewing angles at a higher price VA panels sit in the middle of both and are generally better for office

use but suffer from ghosting most of the time next up we have the best 4k model out there way to start this list with the excellent Philips brilliance 272

p7v you BnB this is the best 4k monitor in the budget price range by a landslide but it doesn’t live to adjust that as it’s one of the best all-rounders

out there delivering plenty of sharpness nice colors great design with tons of adjustability and a lot of compatibility Philips has hit the sweet spot with this monitor so let’s

check it out in terms of design you’ll see that this monitor has a business aesthetic that’s attractive for the majority of users this makes the Philips 272 p7v you

BMB fit into different kinds of setups without any problem the matte black finish makes all that even easier since it’s extremely attractive and is also pretty easy to build

a stylish theme I also like that on top on the sides the bezels are nearly non-existent with just a slightly thicker band on the bottom part to complement it

talking about the stand it delivers plenty of adjustability and stability the adjustability includes tilt swivel pivot and height so you can get the best viewing angle for your needs

you can also install an aftermarket stand though with the VESA mount holes in the back in terms of connectivity the Philips 272 p7v UPnP is truly excellent as it

offers DisplayPort 1.2 HDMI 2.0 and USB type c 3.0 reversible port the latter means you can connect your laptop and charge it at the same time without forgetting I

should mention the ounce 2 USB type 8 sports an Ethernet port and a 3.5-millimeter aux port the Phillips 272 p7v you B&B is based around a 27 inch

in-plane switching panel that delivers a 3840 by 2160 4k resolution with a refresh rate of 60 Hertz natively the response rate is also a solid 5 milliseconds and a

contrast rate is 1000 to 1 the pixel density is solid overall and you won’t lose a single detail from your movies or work in terms of color reproduction it

managed to deliver a hundred and twenty-two percent to the sRGB color space with the decent accuracy of Delta e 1.8 with its low blue light and flicker-free features

you’ll have plenty of fun with this beast for our value pick on this list we have the Acer kg2 v 1q which is an excellent a gaming monitor they

can do so much more than that it might not have high in specs or any feature that’ll make it stand out but it’s a great package that’ll provide a

pleasant performance for most users out there the design of the ASIC 82 v 1q is pretty good overall not anything flashy though

free gaming experience well it’s not the best one around it would make for a great value pick for gamers or casual users with weaker systems if you’re a gamer

then you’ll love this next model I think that it will be the perfect option for you for those that want a professional gaming performance but can’t afford to buy

a high-end monitor I present you the AOC 242 this monitor is the favorite of many gamers in the budget market or otherwise because for its price it delivers all

the features and performances that are needed to provide a high-speed gaming experience now without further ado let’s take a closer look the AOC 242 is a proper gaming monitor

with all the design touches that you wish to find on one but it isn’t obnoxious at all I like the subdued and subtle approach that the companies made of

this monitors design as is adopted the gaming design but with a simpler approach it has the red lines and sharp details but it looks surprisingly good something you can’t

say for most gaming monitors it has very thin bezels on the top and sides and a slightly thicker one in the bottom part and that’s accompanied by a ride

a line that looks excellent the stand is also extremely stable and delivers tons of adjustability and as fuller when Onix appalled with height adjustment pivot swivel and tilt on top

of all that you can choose an aftermarket mount since he has the 100 by 100 visa mount holes on the back without forgetting I should state that the

the stand has a hole for cable adjustment which is great in terms of connectivity you have plenty here as it has two HDMI ports a display port VGA and a

headphone jack the AOC 2 full g2 is based around a 24-inch in-plane switching panel that’s made by panda delivering superb viewing angles it has a solid 1080p resolution

with sharp detail so peak brightness of 310 nits and a native contrast ratio of a thousand to one the biggest selling point of this monitor though is the 144

Hertz refresh rate with the AMD freesync feature for tear-free gaming and one millisecond MP RT in addition to all that it covers 124 percent of the RGB color gamut

with a solid Delta II accuracy of 1.9 the best gaming experience at that price moving up we had the most versatile model out there let’s take a look the

runner-up on this list is one of my favorite monitors in the market coming in from been QE Zowie range it’s the XL 2430 this is one of the most

impressive monitors at this price since it provides a versatile experience that’s perfect for gamers productivity users and even designers if I had to choose one monitor to rule them

all it would be the Ben QE Zowie XL 2430 in terms of design the Ben Q Zowie XL 2430 looks like a normal office monitor with an unassuming design

the only thing that gives it away is the brand-new S switch and the red accents on the stand it has a matte black finish all around including on the

base and it’ll fit into every room design without a doubt the bezels around the screen aren’t the thinnest though and I wouldn’t choose this for a multi-monitor setup the

stand delivers plenty of adjust abilities with height tilt and swivel it also has visa mount holes in the back for an aftermarket stand and on the stand, you’ll find

a hole for cable management for connectivity you get some good options including DisplayPort dual-link DVI D a pair of HDMI ports and a 3.5 millimeter Jack to complete

the package my favorite thing about this device is the news switch that allows you to switch between different settings quickly be it for gaming or professional matters the

the bench is how EXO 2430 is based around a 24 inch twisted nematic panel that delivers a sharp 1080p resolution as you might know the twisted nematic panel is excellent

for gamers since it’s fast and this one delivers a one millisecond greater grade response time a superb dynamic contrast ratio solid brightness of 350 nets and a refresh rate

of 144 Hertz with a bit of calibration, even the color performance is better than most out there establishing the venue Zowie excelled 2430 is one of the best out

there finally the next model is the best overall from us it gets a perfect score in all categories on top of the list we have a monitor from Dell

the u24 15 this is the monitor that delivers the most bang for your buck at this price point it’s also extremely versatile and can do anything including gaming even

though it isn’t designed for those purposes it’s also one of the best monitors for professional media work and at this price, it’s more than you could want on top

of all this, the Dell u 24:15 is the best choice if you want a multi-monitor setup for your workspace thanks to its feature that we’ll check out in a

the moment the first impression you get from the Dell u 24:15 is that it fits into most office spaces and design studios it has some pretty solid minimalist vibes that

combine so well with the utilitarian look of the monitor it’s also pretty sturdy overall



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