Best Action Cameras in 2020

    Best Action Cameras in 2020
    Best Action Cameras in 2020

    it’s Cory and welcome back to another buying guide with ten best ones today we’ll talk about which are the five best picks how to choose the correct product and

    what you should look at before buying we’ve ranked these products based on their price-quality durability performance and more if you’d like to see their price and find out

    more information you can check out the links in the description down below to make it easier we will include timestamps in the description as well let’s get started before

    looking at our best picks for today’s video I want to discuss what you should look at before buying when buying action cameras you want to get the camera with

    the highest video quality you can afford and this is crucial so by device just for the sake of owning one get your money’s worth there are cameras with

    different video qualities these days the highest and the best of them being 4k resolution however you’ll also spot Full HD an HD resolution cameras out there but then again

    you should know that different manufacturers and price points can mean various video qualities despite having the same resolution this is due to features like lens distortion correction image stabilization

    or some kind of image processing engine that improves the performance of its second image stabilization this is one of those crucial features in my opinion because it’ll drastically improve

    the performance of your camera there are two main types of video and photo stabilization most of the action cameras in the market have some sort of anti-shake photo stabilization

    the feature however the most important for us is video stabilization it won’t matter if you have the best resolution if image stabilization is poor during video then you shouldn’t consider

    that camera since it’s an action camera after all check for cameras that have gyro or optical image stabilization features to get the best before its budget your budget is

    always important when buying a camera however when it comes to action cameras there’s not a lot of gap between the budget price and some better mid-range options so unless

    you’re short on funds wait to invest in a better model that will deliver better value for the money then again some interesting models deliver great performance and features in

    the budget price but they are really rare and fourthly accessories I always recommend opting for the package that offers enough accessories for your needs or has a great range

    of compatible accessories available a big plus as if the action camera in question has Universal accessories that you can use don’t forget the mounting options and don’t compromise on

    the quality we are going to start this list with the best budget option that you can get your hands on let’s start this list with a decent action camera coming

    in from a brand that delivers some excellent budget products acaso and its EK 7000 Pro camera will deliver you all the features and qualities you might want in an

    action camera without putting a strain on your budget in as 4k resolution of a video 16 megapixel stills a great set of accessories in the package ease of use

    and so much more without further ado let’s take the closer look the acaso EK 7000 has the classic action camera designed with a rectangular boxy shape it doesn’t actually

    stand out with its design and I think it’s a good choice that the manufacturers opted for a simple design to keep the costs low it has just four buttons

    on its body that includes the shutter button enter button for menu mode button that has a great function of swapping between different shooting modes including video photo burst and

    settings they’re also the up and down buttons for navigation in the menu in the package of the device you’ll spot a waterproof casing that’s good overall but you should

    know that without it the device can’t handle any water I should mention that the acaso EK 7000 is extremely easy to use just like most action cameras out

    there there’s built-in Wi-Fi connectivity with the device that can be enabled quickly via the settings menu after you do that you can use the remote control that’s included in

    the package of the device which is super convenient, to say the least, the video performance of the acaso EK 7000 is pretty good as it can record video at

    different resolutions including Full HD at 60 and 30 frames per second 4k at 25 FPS 2.7 K at 30 fps and 720p at 120 and 60 fps switching between

    them is quite easy as well I have to note that the quality of the video capture is great with nice sharpness Conner’s and angles the audio is good as

    well but the waterproof kc models it up a bit complete with the electronic image stabilization system you will have a blast with this device moving up we have the

    most versatile model out there let’s take a look next up we have an interesting kind of action camera a 360 camera that delivers an amazing versatility in its package

    the GoPro Max this camera will deliver amazing footage with its 5.6 k resolution 360-degree video superb reframing on-camera stitching features image stabilization and fits in with most

    of the mounts and the company’s lineup while it’s a bit more expensive I think it’s a great addition to your arsenal if you know the GoPro Cirie’s you probably

    at max resolution but you can increase that easily by opting for different settings I’d invest in some spare batteries though to keep things safe the biggest selling point of

    the GoPro Max is that it delivers 360-degree video at 5.6 K resolution and to the video, at 1440p or 1080p resolution 360-degree videos are shot in either

    24 or 30 frames per second and normal videos are up to 60 frames per second this action camera can take stills as well with its amazing image stitching at

    16 point 6 megapixels 360 degrees and 5.5 megapixels in normal modes worth your time and hard-earned money next up we have a model which gives you the best

    value for your money for those who want to get the absolute best for their money I recommend the GoPro Hero 7 which might not be the latest model but

    delivers amazing value for the price it’s a great action camera that’s very portable hands amazing image stabilization features as a great set of features and 4k resolution it has

    become the friend of many floggers out there and I think you have a good time with this camera if you’ve seen or used to go pro from the hero

    series before you’ll be no stranger to the hero 7 the company hasn’t made changes to the design for a long time now and I don’t think that it’s necessary

    as it’s a fan favorite and works wonders in terms of functionality and convenience the biggest difference is the upgrade black finish in the microphone membrane that improves the overall

    sound quality and reduces the wind vibration sound that’s very annoying the rubberized finish of the body allows you to get a good grip on it and the waterproofing is

    good down to 10 meters on the water on the back of the camera you’ll spot a 2-inch touchscreen panel that’s very bright and detailed especially for a camera

    of this size, there is some learning curve to be taken with this one but I don’t think it’s anything significant it’s equipped with a lot of features however the

    a biggest and most important one, in my opinion, is the – smooth this feature enhances the electronic image stabilization technology of the device by combining software and hardware features it

    can also record 4k content at 60 frames per second and the time warp feature is extremely cool as it allows you to create time-lapse videos a superb option for

    content creators in the video quality department it’s amazing has great sharpness rich colors with good natural tones it works well in every ambient and I reckon that you’ll create

    some beautiful content with this one before we talk about the best model overall let’s look at the runner-up for this list the runner-up on this list is the excellent

    DJI Osmo action which is one of the best replacements for a GoPro this action camera is packed with some interesting features including the beautiful display superb video quality a

    solid image stabilization system and a wide range of features that we’ll talk about in a moment it also has a very competitive price and delivers great value for your

    money so let’s check it out from the design perspective the DJI Osmo action has the classic action camera look resembling closely a GoPro Hero the large lens in front

    the display in the back and the mounting system that’s very attractive for the majority of the users the difference though is the excellent two-tone finish with a metal casing

    and grippy textured wrapping to make it a superb choice for everyone it’s also very compact and lightweight and despite that the 1.4-inch screen is great with its pixel

    the density of 300 PPI and a max brightness of 715 it’s resulting in visibility even under direct sunlight on the right side of the device you’ll see a flap that

    covers the USB port and the micro SD slot on the base you’ll see the latches that release the battery I should mention that the DJI Osmo action delivered a

    superb the image quad t-that’s comparable to its super high-end competitors making sure you get superb content at every time I was particularly impressed by the performance of the Rocksteady

    image stabilization system that worked wonders moving on the DJI Osmo action can shoot 4k content at 30 frames per second and 43 aspect ratio however it can go up

    to 60 frames per second at the 16 to 9 aspect ratio and if you choose to go down to 1080p or 720p you can go up to 240 frames

    per second resulting in super slow motion shots that are amazing finally the best overall from us it could take the perfect score in all categories on top of the list

    we have the GoPro Hero 8 which like its predecessor so that we talked about a while ago delivers a superior recording experience however it is upgraded to the brim

    with a new microphone superb companion app delicious image stabilization great new modes and a lot of new features that’ll impress even the most nitpicky users just like its predecessors

    the GoPro Hero 8 is extremely durable with its classic rectangular body shape it has the same depth of waterproofing down to 10 meters it has some interesting upgrades though

    such as better shock resistance and the Corning Gorilla Glass that gives it a better impact resistance that a vital now also has two foldable hinges that are named fingers

    for use in the new mounts the biggest improvement made in the GoPro Hero 8 though is the forward-facing microphone that improves and captures the sound excellently even at very

    high wind speeds the device is also backed with an excellent 1220 mAh battery


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