12 Inch Macbook and Apple Watch/Cover By Mohid

12 Inch Macbook and Apple Watch
I will open up their event first talking a bit about Apple TV and its partnership with HBO. Each meal will be offering HBO now streaming service. This includes all the HBO's original

What’s going on, guys? As I’m sure you know today, Apple held their spring Ford media event in this article.


I’ll be going over all the essential things apple talks about during their event, including the brand new 12 inch MacBook and everything you need to know about the watch. So let’s get started now, along with the usual stats about new apple stores and how many iPhones they’ve sold this year.


I will open up their event first talking a bit about Apple TV and its partnership with HBO. Each meal will be offering HBO now streaming service. This includes all the HBO’s original content for 1499 a month starting April for the Apple TV, and along with that, Apple announced a price cut to the Apple TV to just $69, so now is a great time to go out and pick up a new Apple TV.


If you’ve been waiting after talking a few healthcare and research kit apple’s ways of getting more accurate medical and health data apple pay and CarPlay, apple got around to announcing something that has been rumored for some time now.


A new 12 inch MacBook now is somewhere between a MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, but the design features and colors are all brand new.


The new 12 inch MacBook features a retina display with 2304 by 1440 resolution the thinnest and lightest MacBook ever, 13.1 millimeters thin and weighing in at just 2 pounds. The new MacBook features a brand.


New redesigned edge-to-edge keyboard featuring a butterfly mechanism, making he’s more stable precise.


New MacBook features a new trackpad with a force touch similar to what we see on the apple watch, which detects the amount of pressure you put on touches and gestures. Another new unexpected feature of the 12 inch MacBook is the fact due to its ultra-thin design and now only house.


One port USB C. port the USB C. port combines power USB display HDMI and VGA does not use this rational MagSafe connector found on current books a little bit of an inconvenience edition the price you pay.


When it comes to just how often this thing is. Internally, the new MacBook features an Intel core M. processor at either 1.1 gigahertz or 1.2 gigahertz depending on the model. 8 gigabytes of ram. And either 200 56 or 512 gigabytes of flash storage new MacBook is said to be completely silent because it has no fan whatsoever. The cheap custom batteries are scattered throughout the bottom of the MacBook.


I said to give it between 9 and 10:00 hours of battery life new 12 inch MacBook will come in 3 color options silver gold and space gray cost 1299 or 1599 depending on the model, and begin shipping April 10. the existing MacBook Air and MacBook pro-13-inch models got some internal upgrades, including core I. 5 and I. 7 processors thunderbolt 2. Intel HD graphics 6000.and other minor performance upgrades 13 inch MacBook Pro will receive the new force touch trackpad scene on the 12 inch MacBook.


And there was no talk of the 15-inch models receiving upgrades. Both updated MacBook air and 13 inch MacBook Pro models are available for purchase today on apple’s website.


I was 8.2 was released today, which included no significant features or updates, mostly bug fixes, it consists of a new apple watch companion app. I was 8.2 available to download and install right now through iTunes but always.


If you’re jailbroken, stay away from the update, and of course, apple finally got around to talking about the star of the show, the apple watch, and we know about the watch for a while, of course.


And we’ve seen a decent amount of its features the significant things we were kept in the dark about were battery usage and pricing. No secret that Apple has had countless developers working hard on ensuring there would be plenty of apps available.


When the apple watch launched, along with that, Apple showed several videos across the three different versions of the apple watch the sport the standard edition model, and after all the videos and going over plenty more features. Apple revealed the apple watch should get up to 18 hours of battery life during mixed usage up to 70 2:00 hours of battery life and power reserve mode. Claims are just an estimate.


But if you’re planning on purchasing an Apple watch, I would expect to charge it every single day, just like your iPhone. Lastly, apple finally released all the pricing information for the apple watch and all the bands and accessories.


And ma’am, is this thing expensive? The lowest model, the apple watch sport, starts at 349 for the 38-millimeter model and 399 for the 42-millimeter model standard model of the apple watch is priced between 549 and 1049 for the 38 millimeters and 599 and 1099 for the 42 millimeters. The apple watch edition featuring different variations of 18 karat gold ranges between 10 and $17000 to 1 by an alternate wrist band for your apple watch prices on those range between 49 and 400 $49 pre-orders for the apple watch will begin on April 10 with the release date of April 24.


So you have it. Those are all of the important notes from the apple spring forward keynote address them. you know what you think of the new MacBook and the apple watch, of course, in the comments below. If you haven’t already, I’ll see you guys later.


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